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Barack Obama Finally Attacks at DNC

When Barack Obama took the stage on Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention, he reminded the world that the nation was flawed from the...

MLB’s Black Cuban Prospects Pay For Trump’s Obama Obsession

Trump's MAGA madness cancels MLB's historic deal that allows Cuban players to be signed without defecting. President Donald Trump continues his obsessive campaign to...

The Warriors Shade No. 45 And Visit Obama Instead On D.C. Trip

Steph Curry and company chose to see THE President on their only trip to the Capital. It's no secret that Steve Kerr, Steph Curry and...

Giuliani Jumps the Shark on Race and Obama Yet Again


Sometimes, it is a wonder that demagogues and hate-mongers have advanced so far in the modern world, a world that we "say" rewards those who spread positive karma and visits misfortune upon those would promote dissension among us.

Michelle Obama Draws Criticism For Encouraging People To Drink More Water


Michelle Obama made health and physical fitness a major part of her platform as First Lady, and her new campaign will promote people to drink more water, starting with one more glass per day.

The Obama administration touted statistics sayin

Video: President Obama Makes His Sixth Leno Appearance


There was a time when the prospect of a sitting President appearing on a late night talk show was considered beneath him. Obama's now made more appearances on Leno than he has for the State of the Union. That all changed in 2009 when President

Rand Paul Is Keeping President Obama’s Drones in Check


We should all be thanking Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky for covering our asses for his thirteen hour filibuster on Congress yesterday.

Paul was blocking the nomination of John Brennan, up for CIA D

Alabama Courts May Overturn Part of Voting Rights Act


The Supreme Court may have two major decisions to make in the near future concerning civil rights. Two popular acts both supported by the Obama administration and several American civil rights groups are being

Should Loretta Lynch Have Taken The NFL Case To Defend Against Brian Flores’ Suit?

The racial discrimination suit issued to the NFL by Brian Flores is getting more serious. The league has hired former Attorney General Loretta Lynch to...

Jorge Masvidal Gets On The Trump Bus For Anti-Socialism

Just when you thought mixed martial arts' dalliance with politics couldn't get any more co-mingled. Donald Trump Jr. and UFC star Jorge "Gamebred" Masvidal are...