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Nicky Barnes ‘Mr. Untouchable’ Cover In The Age Of Snitching


Before The Notorious B.I.G. stated the obvious, don't you know bad boys move in silence and violence" on his hit song The Ten Crack Commandments, Leroy "Nicky" Barnes broke the unofficial street rules. The leader of the Harlem-based heroin

Will Smith As Nicky Barnes Highlights Revival Of Black Crime Films

Despite the rising diversity in African-American filmmaking, Black gangsta movies, documentaries and cable series based on the lives of several early ‘80s-2000's drug kingpins...

“Mr. Untouchable” Nicky Barnes Died Seven Years Ago And No One Knew It

Everyone is just learning that the drug kingpin died in 2012. In the 60s and 70s, Harlem and the Bronx were plagued by two notorious...

WATCH: Season Two Trailer For ‘Godfather of Harlem’ Released

Recently the trailer highlighting the upcoming season of Godfather of Harlem was released by Epix and ABC Signature and it appears as if Bumpy...

Happy Birthday Wilt: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Chamberlain


Wilt Chamberlain was larger than life on and off the court, but he was more than just a basketba

Black Music Month In Focus: JAY-Z


This is part of The Shadow League's Black Music Month In Focus serie

New Jack City Turns 25 


On March 8th, 1991, 25 years ago today, the film New Jack City debuted nationwide, giving birth to two phenomenons that would live in perpetuity: the specter of Nino Brown and the sound of New Jack Swing.

Over the last quarter century, the m

Air Force 1 Forever, Part 1 (The Genesis)


In the book SHOES (Workman Publishing), Linda O’Keeffe writes, “Shoes not only reflect social history, they are a personal record of our

The Nickel (Week 11)



D’Angelo Russell Exemplifies The Death Of Common Sense


Gossip used to start with a whisper. Now it begins with a video or a post.

The world we now live in is plagued by digital thuggery and foolishness. Following in the footsteps of reality television's deterioration of society and hampering of q