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Carson Wentz Hands Off To Nick Foles Again

Wentz' fractured vertebrae leaves the team's playoff hopes in Foles' hands for the second year in a row.  With the Eagles’ season hanging in the...

Carson Wentz Tweets Philly Love To Nick Foles And Eagles


Carson Wentz wanted this moment so bad he could taste it. Nick Foles needs this moment to legitimize his rise to NFL relevancy. Capture a place for himself in the annals of NFL greatness.  When

Marcus Mariota’s Backup, Nick Foles Are Cardale Jones’ Alternative NFL Path Spirit Guides


Marcus Mariota and Cardale Jones’ NFL Draft decisions, 24 hours apart, exemplified how different their personalities and paths to this stitch in time have been.

The best pure athlete to ever play quarterback for Oregon arrived in

Nick Foles: Sling That Funky Spiral, White Boy!


Ok, I have to admit. I didn't really want Nick Foles to be a success in Philadelphia. Matter of fact, I didn't think he had it in him. But as the wins continue to pile high, only a fool would continue to

Nick Foles Ended The Michael Vick Era


Michael Vick has been putting out hits for over a decade. Unfortunately, he also took a few hits too many while living a rock star lifestyle on and off the field. While he’s reformed his personal life, Vick stills plays it fast and loose

3 Reasons Why Colin Kaepernick’s NFL Career Is Over

NFL starting quarterbacks are dropping like flies. Saints All-Pro Drew Brees is out with torn thumb ligaments, Big Ben is on the shelf for...

The Philadelphia Eagles Soar As Funky-Fresh Foles Finds His Mojo


The final score of the NFC Championship game was 38-7 in favor of Philly, and the shock is still reverberating. We arise this morning to the realization that the Philadelphia Eagles are headed back to the Super Bowl after a 14-year absence.  T

Carson Wentz’s Torn ACL Means Eagles Should Sign Colin Kaepernick


Doug Pederson confirmed that Eagles sensational second-year QB Carson Wentz season is over after tearing his ACL on Sunday in a win over the Rams on Sunday.  

The Blackballing of Colin Kaepernick is Now Undeniable 


When all of this went down, I mean the very moment it was realized protesting was going to be at least a season long thing for QB Colin Kaepernic

With Foles Out NFC Likely to Become Very Messy


The NFC East has always been a particularly nasty division to play in, regardless of a team’s individual record, and now things have just gotten weirder.