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New NCAA Transfer Rule Passes Council Vote

The NCAA Division I Council has approved a groundbreaking measure that will allow student-athletes in all sports a one time opportunity to transfer without...

As NCAA Continues To Get Paid, New NIL Bill For Student Compensation Stalls

NCAA players were using the #NotNCAAProperty hashtag on the eve of “March Madness.” This after not having a tourney at all in 2020 as...

As G League Steals More 5-Star Recruits, NCAA Says Athletes Can Get The Bag

Today is a watershed day in sports history. The NCAA conducted a conference call explaining how the committee they put together to deal with...

Grant Hill Joins NCAA Board of Governors Next Month

Hill is one of five new members added to bring some needed perspective and credibility to college athletics' governing body. Grant Hill continues to...

NCAA Considering Letting Players Profit Off Their Names, But Don’t Hold Your Breath

And water is wet. Back in 1995, Ed O'Bannon was at the top of his game, leading the UCLA Bruins to a National Championship while...

Time For The NCAA To Show Players The Money

For all of the crimes that the NCAA says its looking into, the biggest crime is that it's stealing from its own players. As the...

The Foul NCAA Vindictiveness Toward Silvio De Sousa

There will be plenty more student-athletes like Silvio De Sousa who will be unfairly punished thanks to actions of the adults around them. The Kansas...

The FBI Should Have The NCAA On Trial, Not Players And Coaches


In a federal court in New York City this week, the FBI trial centering around the shady side of elite college basketball is offering a look into the black market that has surrounded the game for decades. 

It's no secret that John Wooden'

Where’s The NCAA’s Accountability In Its Black Market Scams?


Yesterday will be remembered as a day of reckoning in college sports when the FBI revealed that it has been running a two-year investigation into the rampant fraud and corruption that exists in the underbelly of college basketball. 


SMU And Larry Brown Get Punished Yet The NCAA Is Free To Lie And...


SMU basketball coach Larry Brown is not a despicable, disgraceful cheater. The headlines will tell you that he is, with most columnists screaming that hes left every school on his college basketball resume saddled with NCAA sanctions due to majo