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Public Enemy and Stevie Wonder Take Millenials To School At Hangout Music Fest


Did you know that Hangout Music Fest was brought to you by MTV this year? Because we didn't until the second-drunkest member of our crew was interviewed by Vinny from the Jersey Shore for his ridiculous mustache and tuxedo t-shirt.


RG3 Is A Post-Racial/Millenial Brother, Not A Cornball Brother


Thursday on First Take, there was a suggestion that some in the “real black community” might view Robert Griffin III as a “cornball brother,” because of the way he talks, the race of his fiancé and his rumored polit

The 24th Anniversary Of Michael Jordan’s Flu Game | Was MJ Poisoned?

24 years later, according to an account in Episode 9 of The Last Dance, Jordan may have been poisoned.

Luka Doncic Is The White NBA Superstar The World’s Been Waiting For

Luka Doncic is on top of the NBA world, drawing comparisons to every great white player to grace the hardwood. The NBA superstar has...

“The Last Dance” Is Smashing ESPN Ratings Records

Director Jason Hehir's “The Last Dance” (10-part docuseries) continues to reach massive audiences, averaging 5.8 million viewers across premieres of its first six episodes, which...

The Last Dance: Dennis Rodman Reintroduces Himself To The Narrative

Episodes 3 and 4 of The Last Dance were as riveting, informative, and memory-evoking as the record-breaking premiere eps.  The night played out as an...

Carl Crawford, Megan Thee Stallion And MLB’s Hip-Hop Tug of War

Music artist Megan Thee Stallion isn't a happy camper. The Houston rapper had been on such a roll ever since her music started charting and...

Luka Doncic Is The Next White NBA Icon

My man Domonique Foxworth is one of the rising stars in the sports media game. His football analysis is on point, he’s aggressive, confident...

Tim Anderson Is White America’s Nightmare In Cleats

Anderson could be the savior the MLB needs to reinfuse Black culture into the game. Chicago White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson is considered America’s nightmare...

WNBA Draft Night Sets Stage For A Major Culture Shift

The women of the WNBA are showing the world what basketball is on their own terms. When the WNBA Draft pops off tonight at 7pm...