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Manny Machado Took The Bag, Not The Challenge

MLB superstar Manny Machado went for the money and the ability to take plays off whenever he sees fit without the pressure of playing...

Manny Machado Agrees To 10 Year, $300 Million Deal With Padres

Machado just blew the MLB free agency bank wide open. The Padres just shocked everyone with the news that they had come to terms on...

Manny Machado Knows Why He’s Being Headhunted


"What goes around comes around." "You never get a second chance to make a first impression." Any number of cliches can be applied to why Orioles

Manny Machado Is The Best Defensive Third Baseman of All-Time


When Manny Machado’s Hall of Fame career is done, baseball historians will reflect on the Baltimore Orioles third baseman’s impact. They’ll discuss the effects of his effortless, clutch leadership and

Dustin Pedroia Chooses Etiquette Over Retaliation Against Manny Machado


The 2017 baseball season is officially underway as we had our very first star vs. star bean ball mess. Deciding when, where and how to throw at a batter is a tense and scintillating aspect of the game. Everybody knows it's coming, but nobody can pr

El Nino & El Ministro Usher In A Padres Era Full Of Playoff Wins,...

Fernando Tatis Jr. and Manny Machado went back to back for the fourth time this season in the sixth inning of an elimination Wild...

MLB Black Book: Stats, Racial Progress & The Top 5 MLB Black Knights For...

MLB successfully completed an abbreviated 60-game season amidst a COVID pandemic and racial unrest in the country. The League was not only able to...

MLB Winter Meetings: Trading Mookie Betts Would Be Bad Business For Boston

The money and metrics of baseball are always perplexing and change from season to season. Last season, owners were hesitant to award pitchers who...

Elite Faces In New Places: 5 League-Shifting 2019 MLB Storylines

Harper and Machado must prove to be worth their $300 million contracts. The MLB season kicks off March 28th after an exciting 2018 regular season...

Urena Drilling Acuna Is Part Of Baseball, Twitter Shouldn’t Overreact


Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Urea is catching mega slack from the baseball world for purposely drilling Atl