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Black History Month in Focus: We Remember Malcolm X


This is part of The Shadow League's Black History Month In Focus series celebrating

White Neighbor Calls Cops On Black Family For Playing Malcolm X Speeches

We've added yet another activity to a growing list of things we can’t do while black. According to Indy Week, at about 10:00 pm last...

Malcolm X’s Daughters Team Up With NBA Stars For New Clothing Line

The late activist’s daughters are keeping the legacy of their father alive via a new clothing line. Malcolm X’s six daughters launched a clothing line...

Malcolm X Speaks Truth To Power Through Time And Death


Today is the 53 anniversary of the day El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, aka Malcolm X, was assassinated before family, followers and comrades at the Audubon b

Celebrating the Significance of Spike Lee’s “Malcolm X” 25 Years Later


On November 18, 1992, Spike Lees quintessential masterpiece "Malcolm X" opened in theaters after a year long marketing campaign so intense that it spawned a merchandising windfall for anyone with the ability to place the image of El Hajj Malik Shab

Happy Birthday Malcolm X: Your Legacy Endures


Malcolm X aka El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz would have been 92 years old had he not been assassinated at the Audubon Ballroom as he prepared to address the Organization of Afro-American Unity on February, 21, 1965.

Many will recall Malcolm X, bo

We Remember: Happy Birthday Malcolm X


On May 19, 1925, a man with a rather insignificant sounding name was born in a rather insignificant town.  However, despite the seemingly trivial nature of his birth, his early childhood and even his ordinary sou

We Remember Malcolm X


Today marks the 49th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X and his legacy is as important as it ever was. However, there are those who clearly do not recall to what extent that legacy is st

Twenty Years Ago, “Malcolm X” Changed The World…


Twenty years ago I had a manifest destiny moment. When I say “I”, I mean people like me. When I say people like me, I mean people with names like mines. For me, err, for us, going to the movies to see Spike Lee’s Malcolm X

“My Time On The Football Field Has Come To An End” | Malcolm Jenkins...

Malcolm Jenkins is hanging up the cleats. The former Eagles safety and captain made the retirement announcement Wednesday morning with an Instagram post and a...