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The Most Beautiful: Lupita Nyong’o


Lupita Nyong’o is the most beautiful woman in the world. But People Magazine, who’ve placed her on the cover of their “Most Beautiful” issue, is late. We knew her look

World Cup 2018: “This Is The Wakanda Moment For The World”


Oct. 10, 2017. Five past ten. The United States had just lost a must-win match away at Trinidad and Tobago, ending the Outlaws bid to play in this summers World Cup. One of Americas best soccer color commentator appeared on ESPN

Anti-Black Panther Campaign Is About Racism, Not Harmless Fanboys


Black Panther is getting ready to drop on February 16. It is no wonder why director Ryan Coogler would want the film to debut in theaters during Black History Month. &nbs

For Nerd-Love and Diversity: Marvel Movies Get The Bag


Money makes the world go round, and its this factor that has made Hollywood finally open its eyes to the potential of woman and minority-led film projects. The legacy of minorities in science fiction films dates all the way back to the 60s with Lt.

TSL Comic Book Convo: Comic Book Film Adaptations Are Getting Bigger and Blacker Than...


As the Eastern seaboard of the United States sat in anticipation of what many deemed "Snowmageddon 2015", another segment of the population anxiously a

Black Panther Snags 2 SAG Awards With Eyes On Winning Oscar Gold

Black Panther was predicted to be a cultural windfall for black content in the mainstream and an Oscar would be a worthy crown to...

“The Hunt” Is Intriguing And Relevant As The Nation Coddles Nazism


As far as drama in cinema goes, audiences need their antagonists to be believably despicable in order for his or her struggles against the protagonists to be more palpable, more believable.  

Oftentimes, these villains are culled from s

Disney Donates $1 Million of Black Panther Proceeds To STEM Programs


Black folks from the inner cities took their kids in droves to see "Black Panther" and

President Obama Remembers The Tragedy of The Trayvon Martin Verdict 


February 26 marked the three-year anniversary of the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was savagely and maliciously shot in a confrontation with George Zimmerman, who was acquitted of second-degree murder charges in the teenagers death the

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