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Keenan Thompson Spoofs David Ortiz and Al Sharpton on SNL


“Samsung phones. You like Sam? You should meet his son." This line sounded funnier than it reads coming out the mouth of Keenan Thompson who was on fire this weekend spoofing Rev. Al Sharpton and David Orti

SNL’s Black Out Has Kenan Thompson Spazzing Out


Kenan Thompson, one of the rare black comedians to grace the Saturday Night Live (SNL) set, says his days of

VIDEO: Ray Lewis Gets Spoofed On SNL


Saturday Night Live had one of their better skits of the season by lampooning Ray Lewis. Keenan Thompson really nailed the essence of the future Hall of Fame LB. The comedian went all way with face paint and even broke out a dance at the end

“Reparations Emmys” Actually Had Very Little Diversity Among Winners


Last night at the 70th annual Emmy Awards the theme was diversity as hosts Michael Che and Chris Jost of Saturday Night Live fame slung the jokes and poked fun at Hollywood tradition and decorum. However, at the end of the night, only two Black act

Could Jay & Bey’s Drama Be a PR Stunt?


If you look at the timing and details, it’s hard to not wonder if Jay and Bey have devised some type of Jedi mind trick like publicity campaign that intentionally plays on the world’s love and addiction to

SNL Attacked for Slavery Monologue


And so it has happened. In this season of rampant prejudice and racial injustice in the news, Saturday Night Live attempted to ingest and metabolize racism.  This past weekend, write

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Why Is ‘Outmatched’ Actor Finesse Mitchell & FOX Telling Us To Skip Work On...

Comedian and Outmatched star, Finesse Mitchell along with FOX, just announced a big initiative for the day after the Superbowl – called Super Monday. Mitchell...

T’Challa Learned About Karen’s Potato Salad On SNL’s Black Jeopardy


One of the best skits on Saturday Night Live is "Black Jeopardy" hosted by Darnell Hayes (played by the show's longest performing star, Keenan Thompson). Highlighting the hilarious stereotypes within Black culture, such as stating being the only sh

Sanders Sizzles Against Soft San Diego Secondary


Coming into Thursday Night Football’s matchup between the Denver Broncos and the San Diego Chargers at Mile High Stadium, Head Coach Mike McCoy and the Chargers were geared up to

Please Have Several Seats: The Dunk Contest


This time last year, I fought off nausea as I sat in Amway Center and watched the NBA Slam Dunk Contest turn into Disney on Ice. Kevin Hart was fluttering around the court acting like Kel from “Keenan and Kel”; Chase Budinger was corn