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North Carolina A&T’s Kayla White Wins 200M National Championship

I wouldn’t classify myself as just an HBCU sprinter though, I’m one of the best sprinters in the nation. If you ask Kayla White, she’ll...

Coveted Track Recruit, Randolph Ross, Chooses NC A&T Over Power 5 Schools

For the first time in HBCU history, the Aggies men and women’s team are both ranked in Top 10 nationally. The state of North...

Why Vanity Fair’s Breonna Taylor Tribute Is Tone-Deaf To The #SayHerName Movement

During its first American publishing in 1913 as a hybrid high-society magazine, Vanity Fair’s focus was on white luxury.  That same year, 22 women broke rank...

Code Serena: Moschino, High-End Fashion, And The Dismissal Of The Black Dollar

Prejudice seems to follow black people wherever they go, but none of those destinations are quite as senseless as when it happens in a...

To the Disenfranchised and Forgotten, Donald Trump’s Speech Was Basura


 The President of the United States was on television last night? Didnt you hear? Sure, you did! Donald Trump's State of the Union Address was on just about every modern medium of communications known to mankind, except maybe Snapchat, actuall

Has August Ever Been Blacker?


For Americans of African descent involved in, and in remembrance of, individuals who have risked their lives as members of the Black resistance in America, the month of August is hallowed and sacred. Initially coined in the California prison sys

MLB High Heat: Clay Luraschi Is A Topps Baseball Card Shaper And MLB Taste...


Topps unveiled its new and improved 2015 Series 1 and 2 sets earlier this month and Clay gave us some insight into the many secret treasures that the set c

Russell Crowe, Colin Farrell, and Will Smith Weave a Winter’s Tale


Imagine seeing Will Smith as the devil. Think about it. Nice guy in real life. Super hero in movies. And suddenly, he’s Lucifer. It took us by surprise too when watching Winter’s Tale. Smith poppe

Jay Z: Is he a gangsta, sell-out, or just a business…man?


Today marks the first day of Jay Z's controversial partnership with high-end retailer Barney's. And this month marks the 10th anniversary of the release of his Black Album. The triple platinum selling project was his eighth st

The “Black Name” Hustle


Jabari, Shaniqua, Calasia, Rasul, Mustafa, Imani, Tyquan, Tyesha.

David, Sarah, Sean, Michael, Nicole, James, Samantha, Sarah, Alex.

Two sets of names. Two sets of realities. Ask yourself which one you prefer. How you feel about the