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Joe Flacco Thinks The Wildcat Offense Is For Amateurs


Joe Flacco has been quite vocal this season. In fact, he's has arguably had more sound bites than highlights.This week, Flacco left behind is veiled barbs at Ray Lewis alone and focused on Jim Caldwell's implementation of the Wildcat offens

Joe Flacco Paid His Dues, Now He’s Gettin’ Paid


The numbers may be larger, but the game remains the same. Pay your dues, then get paid. For five years, Joe Flacco did more than just pay his dues in Baltimore.

During the course of the season and 2013 playoffs, Flacco matriculated from

TSL Give-N-Go: Is Joe Flacco Elite Or Just Merely Good?


So, is Flacco elite?

DJ: Next month, Denzel Washington should take home his second career leading man Oscar for portraying a fictional

This May Be Ray Lewis’ Final Ride, But Joe Flacco Is Pushing The Whip


It was set up, like Larry Davis , for Peyton Manning to dispose of the Ravens and meet

Unitas Family Tried To Clown Joe Flacco


The Unitas family is upset over the casting of Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco as former Baltimore Colts Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas. The movie is entitled Unitas We Stand and in ironic fashion, the casting of Flacco has created-

Long Live Flacco


Joe Flacco isn’t superhuman all the time, but when the Ravens QB senses trouble, the ordinary signal caller transforms into the super throwzini. Comic books are for superheroes, but in science the phe

Is It LaMar Jackson Time In Baltimore?


Baltimore Ravens vet Joe Flacco threw 56 times on Sunday and completed just 29 passes for 0 TDs and a pick in an offensively-inept 12-9 OT loss to Cleveland on Sunday. The Super Bowl-winning QB looked clueless at times and his elu

The Dime Week 4: The Saints Are Rolling 


Baltimore Ravens – Joe Flacco misses Anquan Boldin like Dame Dash misses Jay Z.

He threw