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Jay Gruden Offers Same Excuses On Kaepernick

Gruden is forced to address one specific question that has lingered for almost two years. The Washington Redskins were riding high over the first half...

NFC East Has Gone From NFC Beast To NFC Least

Gather around young children and let me tell you a story about a division you know as the NFC Least. Once upon a time,...

N.F.L Stands For “Not For Long” When It Comes To Black & Minority GMs,...

Black men in NFL leadership positions are expected to win at a faster rate than their white counterparts while generally being afforded much less...

Washington, Where NFL Quarterbacks Come To Die

According to the latest reports and my sources coming out of D.C., Dwayne Haskins may be fighting to keep his job as the starting...

Hustling Backwards 101: Skins Have Nothing To Lose By Starting Haskins

The Washington Redskins fans want to see Dwayne Haskins on the field in Week 4 and they let it be known on Sunday after...

Help For Haiti: The Diary Of Rickey Jean Francois


Washington Redskins defensive end Ricky Jean Francois made a trip to his father's native Haiti on Monday, October 10th to deliver much needed medical supplies to the country after it suffered the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew.

The Robert Griffin III and Kirk Cousins QB Debate


The first week of the National Football League officially wrapped up last night with a Monday Night Football double-header featuring the Pittsburgh Steelers v. the Washington (Racial Slurs), with the San Francisco 49ers hosting the Los Angeles Rams

Now we know why Hue Jackson went to coach the Browns


Hue Jackson was a well respected and well liked coach for the Cincinnati Bengals, and he looked to be the next successful coach groomed under long-time Bengals coach Marvin Lewis. After their loss to the Steelers in the playoffs this past season, J

Kirk Cousins Emerges From RGIII’s Shadow 


It took some time for the city of D.C. to rid themselves of the night sweats and complete the entire process of finally getting the addictive, explosive, but unreliable drug called Robert Griffin III out of its system. 

Fresh off the 201

Are Washington’s Black QB vs. Head Coach Problems Indicative Of Our Racial Legacy?


Contrary to what some might believe, theres not a single Black person that I know who enjoys talking about racism. But thanks to the NFL team in Washington, here we are yet again.

As is the case with most things, the situation is a lot mo