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“Why Is It … You Only Go At Basketball Players” | Jamie Foxx ...

Jamie Foxx had some choice words on Instagram this week for Stephen A. Smith about his ferocious verbal vivisection of Brooklyn Nets player Ben Simmons. "That...

Jamie Foxx Signs MTV Deal, Joins Diverse Power Group Helping BIPOC Filmmakers

We don’t talk about this man enough and he’s probably the most talented entertainer in the world. He's always got his hands in something.  Jamie...

Jamie Foxx’s The Perfect Choice To Reintroduce Spawn To The Film World


On Tuesday it was officially announced that Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx would star in the reboot of the 1997 cult classic anti-hero film <

Jamie Foxx does Doc Rivers, John Legend and more on The Tonight Show


The always talented and hilarious Jamie Foxx can entertain audiences at the drop of a dime with his quick wit and spot-on impersonations. And last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was no exception.

The highlight of the ni

WATCH THIS: Under Armour, Steph Curry And Jamie Foxx Show You The New Curry...


During All Star Weekend, Under Armour dropped their new spot for the Curry One, the first sneaker from their Steph Curry line. Jamie Foxx provided the narrative stating what we all know- Steph Curry is writing his OWN story.

Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Aniston, and Kevin Spacey are back for Horrible Bosses 2


We laughed at Horrible Bosses, a movie about a few guys fed up with their bosses jerking them around. Now there’s a sequel, returning with the original jokesters, Horrible Bosses 2 feature

Jamie Foxx Mends Relationship with Absentee Mom


Whenever actor and singer Jamie Foxx thanks the people who helped him become the man he is today, more often than not he pays homage to his deceased grandmother, Esther Talley. Raised in foster c

Finally, a First Glimpse at Jamie Foxx in the Annie remake


The hard knock life is coming to the big screen in December starring Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhané Wallis and it’s already getting rave reviews. The first trailer for Ann

Jamie Foxx for the People


This weekend, Jamie Foxx was on hand in Miami Gardens, Florida to support Trayvon Martin’s father Tracy, and mother Sybrina Fulton, as part of a rally that featured hundreds o

Jamie Foxx and Kerry Washington Were Not Snubbed By The Oscars


By now most people have seen Quentin Tarantino’s slavery non-epic, Django Unchained. Through all of the back and forth about the movie’s portrayal of the heinous institution of forced human labor, is the absence of a serious