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“I Can’t Breathe” | New Orleans Pelicans Center Jaxson Hayes Faces 12 Misdemeanors After...

New Orleans Pelicans center Jaxson Hayes has significant problems in connection with a police encounter in Los Angeles. In July, the L.A. police were called to...

Former NFL Player Desmond Marrow Slammed By Cops: “I Can’t Breathe”


Im not even doing nothing! Im not even fighting back, yelled former NFL defensive back Desmond Marrow before he was grabbed by police and body slammed.

According to

DOJ’s Failure To Indict In Eric Garner’s Murder Means We Still Can’t Breathe

The worst is here now. “So where’s the justice? Don’t apologize to me. Fire the officer. Don’t give me your condolences. I heard that five...

LeBron James Is Leading Man in “I Cant Breathe” Part 3 & He Knows...

It's almost like a bad dream. A never-ending nightmare that people of color can't escape in this country. And every time the life of...

Brian Westbrook Can’t Remember Names, Recall Facts Or Retain New Material


Former longtime Eagles running back Brian Westbrook is experiencing the effects of repeated hits to the head during his nine-year NFL playing career. At only 33 years of age, 

This Can’t Be Life: 9-Year-Old Rapper Named Lil Poopy Being Investigated By Child Services


Meet rapper Lil Poopy. The bizarrely named Poopy earns as much as $7,500 per performance and has performed in upscale nightclubs with fellow artists French Montana and Diddy. He goes by the nickname Cocaine Cowboy and collaborates with a group kn

The Shadow League’s Most Influential People of 2020 — Milwaukee Bucks Players

The year 2020 has been the most turbulent, chaotic, transformative, and tragic year in recent history. We witnessed the catastrophic surge of the COVID-19...

In the Quest for Reparations, Asheville, North Carolina Leads the Way

With the protest movement across the world now at a simmer, Asheville, North Carolina has taken the first step in true equality. The City Council...

Murders By Police Officers Continue To Test The Resolve of Black America

Randy Moss’ Hall of Fame ceremony in 2018 took place during a familiar time in America. Innocent and unarmed Black men were being killed...

Anthony Davis And The NBA’s Emerging Black Power Structure

The league's power brokers are lining up Anthony Davis and introducing folks to how business will be conducted by the NBA's new Black power...