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Old School Rules | Houston Astros’ 72-Year-Old Dusty Baker Is On His Way To...

Dusty Baker continues to bring good mojo to H-Town. The winningest Black manager in MLB history has the Houston Astros sporting the best offense...

Justin Verlander Can Clinch World Series For Houston Astros


Houston Astros pitcher Justin Verlander is laughing all the way to his first World Series Championship. In his 13 Hall of Fame seasons in Detroit, he pitched in four American League Championship Series and two World Series and he always did his job

Houston Astros Shutout Yankees In ALCS Game 7


The Yankees had come so far, but in the end they finished miles away from the franchises intended goal. When

The Houston Astros Youth Movement Has Arrived


Miami - The Astros have already won more games in half a season than they did over a full season in  2011, 2012 and 2013.

The Houston Astros and New York Yankees Are Getting Up For The Wild Card...


To the fans of the New York Yankees and Houston Astros:

Your 162 game MLB season is nothing more than an appetizer to the full course meal that begins after these sorry suckers slug it out in a Wild Card playoff game on Tuesday.

Bo Porter Is Switching Up The Houston Astros’ Steez


It could be a year or two before the national conversation latches on to this, but first-year manager Bo Porter is having a cultural impact on the Houston Astros that didn’t exist in the last two historically bad seasons that saw 100-plus los

Torii Hunter Clowns The Houston Astros Infield Defense


The Houston Astros are the kings of baseball comedy. They're one of eight franchises without a World Series title and they don't look like breaking that ignominious streak anytime soon. At their current pace, the Astros' batters may b

Dusty Baker Has The Astros In The World Series And Is Inching Closer to...

The Houston Astros bats woke up on Wednesday night and they've evened the World Series against the Braves at 1-1. "They knew that we needed...

Old School Rules: Dusty Baker’s Gut Beat The Metrics, Saves Astros In Game 4...

Dusty Baker wasn’t only managing to avoid a sweep in the ALCS, but from the time he was announced as manager following the suspensions...

Astros Players Hear The Boos And See The Hate Early In Spring Training

Unsatisfied with Houston's contrition and MLB's punishment, the fans have taken it upon themselves to "punish the Astros' players" according to former Yankees great...