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LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton for President


LeBron James is stepping into the political arena to have his voice heard on this latest election. In an op-ed written for Business Insider that is also published in today's Akron Beacon Journal, he announced that he's endorsing Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s Athleticism on Display with Elusive Shoe-Avoidance Maneuver


Sometimes you can be walking along, minding your own damn business, and a shoe just flies out of the clear blue sky in your direction. What are you going to do?  Do you jump into a karate stance and bat it down l

Black Cop Sues Obama, Farrakhan, Sharpton and Hillary in Crazy Lawsuit


Ever so often we come across a story that seems too farcical to be taken seriously. One of those "Aliens land on White House lawn" type of tabloid headlines that used to draw the attention of the geriatric generation while in the five items or les

LeBron James Is Not Down With Trump


LeBron James has not been quiet lately, on any issue for that matter.

He's spoken up against social injustice, campaigned for Hillary Clinton and exchanged words with Charles Barkley. Now, after being the recipient of the NAACP's Jackie Robin

LeBron James Speaks on Trump and what now


The world of sports has been speaking on the Presidential Election, particularly after the shocking result.

LeBron James, who supporter and introduced Hillary Clinton at a rally in Cleveland, visited the White House this week to celebrate the

Herschel Walker Opts Out Of Event For Marjorie Taylor Greene After She Appeared At...

Herschel Walker's political aspirations haven't been as well-received as his former athletic career. Recently, he decided not to attend an upcoming rally that Georgia Rep....

Truth Decay: Trumpism Forever

Former President Barack Obama dropped a new book today entitled, “A Promised Land”. The 700 page memoir arrives on the heels of a bitter election...

Yo, If Trump Wins The Election You ‘Bet Not Fix Your Mouf To Blame...

The time has come for the United States to decide what direction she will travel in the next four years, and whether it will...

Trump Knows That White Rage Pays

President Donald Trump on Friday night banned federal agencies from conducting racial sensitivity training related to "white privilege" and "critical race theory". Trump's administration stated...

Our Vice Presidential Candidate Is Indeed Black

There has been so much conversation about Kamala Harris’ race over the last year, her ethnic identity has become a sore spot for many...