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Grayson Allen And The “Scrappiness” That Only Jazz Fans Love


Grayson Allen is on his Bill Laimbeer/

Duke’s Grayson Allen Ain’t Wildin’! Now He Gets Major Props


For the past three years, Grayson Allen was depicted as a poster boy for white privilege in the mind of this writer. His unsportsmanlike an

Grayson Allen Is White Privilege In A Basketball Uniform


"Thug", "Animal", "Convict" and "Out of Control".

These are but a few of the monikers I have heard used to describe African American athletes when they are perceived to have stepped outside of the lines of decorum in their particular sport.

Grayson Allen Is Straight Tripping


When something happens once, you can consider it a one-time event. But let it happen two or three times and it becomes a habit and a rep is formed. It's happened to Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors and now it's happened to Duke guard Gra

Grant Hill Gets Real About Grayson Allen


Duke University shooting guard Grayson Allen has had an up and down season for many reasons. Though his play has fluctuated, his multiple tripping incidents is what has garnered most of the negative attention that he has received.

Allen av

Grayson Allen’s “Indefinite” Suspension Was One Whole Game


Back in December, Duke University shooting guard Grayson Allen was suspended indefinitely by coach Coach Mike Krzyzewski for a tripping incident that occurred during a game against Elon University.

Now, if this was a one-off type of si

Coach K Gets His Fifth National Championship For The Duke Blue Devils


You just knew it was coming. You could feel it and apparently so could the freshman at Duke.

Led by Tyus Jones and Grayson Allen in the second half, the Duke Blue Devils took home their fifth National Championship under Coach Mike Krzyzewski.

3 Teams That Won The NBA Draft


The 2018 NBA Draft in Brooklyn was calm, relatively cool, but captivating. There

TSL’s 2017 March Madness Crystal Ball


The time has arrived for America's greatest sporting spectacle, the NCAA Basketball Tournament. We've assembled our roundtable of roundball experts to break down this year's March Madness as we take our first steps toward crowing the 2017 natio

The Campus Dribble Drive: Duke and Notre Dame Clash in the ACC Finals


Here are some thoughts and observations - with themes provided by some of Brooklyn's finest - from the sights, sounds and happenings at the ACC Tournament semifinals on Friday night.