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LeBron James Wears George Floyd T-Shirt As Body Cam Murder Receipts Roll In

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James made a statement with his wardrobe, long before his team was scheduled to take on the Utah Jazz...

Pistons GM Troy Weaver Is NBA’s 9th Black GM & First Executive Hire Since...

Troy Weaver is the NBA’s first minority higher to a leadership position, post-George Floyd and the age of global enlightenment involving the historical abuse...

Roger Goodell Should Reinstate Colin Kaepernick During George Floyd Memorial

The public memorial for George Floyd in Minneapolis is taking place today. I'm crying as I watch the cornucopia of people joining together in...

NABJ Sports Task Force’s Ray Richardson Remembers George Floyd As Honest, Hardworking

I was compelled to share this with you after the disheartening news over the past three days regarding George Floyd. Like many of you, I...

The Holiday Family Represents The Change Sparked By Death Of George Floyd

Milwaukee Bucks point guards Jrue Holiday and his Olympian wife Lauren Holiday have donated $1 million to Black-led nonprofits and Black-owner businesses. Each donation is...

The Shadow League’s Most Influential People Of 2020 — George Floyd

May 25th, 2020. The day the world met George Floyd is a day that will forever live in infamy. In a macabre summer, Floyd, 46, died...

George Floyd’s Funeral Was An Energy Boost For Black America’s Exhausting Fight For Equality

George Floyd’s funeral in Houston, Texas today was not only the central point of Black pain, love, angst, and unity in the world but...

Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul Reportedly Now June 5th

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s exhibition bout against Logan Paul received reinvigoration with a new date. https://twitter.com/kollegekidd/status/1385174392636723209?s=21 According to The Athletic, the undefeated boxing legend will face the...

Foul Play Perverts Protests, But Don’t Lose Focus On Justice For George

What began as a protest against the careless and callous murder of another Black man, George Floyd, at the hands of killer cops has...

Floyd Mayweather Is Taking MMA Seriously


So it looks like Floyd Mayweather might actually be taking the mixed martial arts world seriously. Recently, both Mayweather and UFC champion 123...16Page 1 of 16