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DOJ’s Failure To Indict In Eric Garner’s Murder Means We Still Can’t Breathe

The worst is here now. “So where’s the justice? Don’t apologize to me. Fire the officer. Don’t give me your condolences. I heard that five...

The Sights, Sounds From NYC Protest Remembering Eric Garner


On Friday over 1000 protesters amassed at a rally in Columbus Square in Manhattan to remember Staten Island native Eric Garner, who was choked to death during an encounter with the NYPD over allegedly selling loose cigarett

One Year After Eric Garner’s Death And Black America Still Can’t Breathe


The labored breathing of black America has grown more intense since the state-sanctioned choke hold death of 43-year-old Eric Garner last summer on Staten Island, N.Y. You can feel itchests seizing, eyes watering, in-out, in-outas it

Grand Jury Declines To Indict Officer In Death Of Eric Garner In Staten Island,...


CNN reports that a New York grand jury has decided not to charge Officer Daniel Pantaleo in the death of Staten Island resident Eric Garner.

Following on the heels of the decision in Ferguson not to charge Officer Darren Wilson in the death

Eric Garner, Radio Raheem, and the Epidemic of Police Brutality


The death of Eric Garner at the hands of a New York City police officer is the latest in the ongoing drama between law enforcement officials and the African American community.  A

Rest in Power: Erica Garner


On December 29, activist Erica Garner, daughter of murdered Staten Island citizen Eric Gardner, suffered a massive heart attack, and the 27-year-olds condition quickly deteriorated.  She died days later. Social media was ablaze with condolence

Chet Holmgren Leads The Long-Awaited Rebirth Of The White American Basketball Superstar| Larry Bird...

Gonzaga freshman and 2021 No. 1-ranked recruit Chet Holmgren could stand to gain a little weight, from the looks of his slender frame. But...

Chris Paul Should Be Garnering More MVP Consideration

Charles Barkley of “Inside The NBA” on TNT has been saying for months that Chris Paul should be getting much more attention as an...

Failure To Kneel Aside, Gregg Popovich Continues To Lead Peers In Addressing American Racism


Gregg Popovich has been a rider for equality in America lately as an NBA head coach. 

Wendell J. Haskins Pens Letter About Experiences As A Black Executive For PGA of...

The PGA has long been considered one of the last bastions of white privilege and elitism, continuing a culture of keeping Black golfers, entrepreneurs...