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Andrew Luck is Eric B. and Rakim “Paid In Full”


Andrew Luck just became part of NFL Hip-Hop history as he was transformed into Eric B., Rakim and Special Ed in one day.

He's "Paid In Full."

To put it short, he "Got it Made."

The Colts just opened up their wallets, bank account

Hip-Hop Gem Drops: Rakim Finally Reveals Who and What Inspired His Song “Mahogany”

Rapper Rakim is known for his iconic flow and lyrical ability. When he burst on the scene as an 18-year-old, he had no idea...

Norbes and Ultimate Rap League Involved In Biggest Lawsuit In Battle Rap History

Over the weekend, battle rap influencer Dagoberto Velez (most popularly known as Street Star Norbes) filed a lawsuit against the Ultimate Rap League (URL)...

Rap Legend Rakim Reveals His NFL Dreams 

At SITE Santa Fe in New Mexico last week, hip hop pioneers Chuck D and Rakim sat down in front of a live audience to discuss...

Happy Birthday To Rakim !

Hip-hop heads already know the credits for one of the GOATs in hip-hop, so no words are necessary. He's still going strong and doing...

Hip Hop Music And Culture Celebrates 45 Years


As a lifelong fan of Hip-Hop music and culture, my personal relationship can be categorized as complicated.  

The marriage stone for a 45th anniversary is Sapphire which symbolizes success in love. Its also said to keep its color only wh

A Conduit for Hip-Hop Culture and Music, Yo! MTV Raps Turns 30


On August 6th, 1988, one of the most important conduits of Hip-Hop culture that ever existed aired its first episode in the United States.  However, Ted Demme and Peter Doughtery actually first developed the show for MTV Europe the year before

Big Baller Brand Is Black Power In Eastern Europe


From the very beginning it seemed like the Ball Brothers were destined to be inundated with as much ill will as possible. Some say that is due in large part to the Svengali manner in which patriarch

Andrew Luck and Cam Newton May Be Damaged Goods


Andrew Luck and Cam Newton were supposed to battle it out over the next 10 seasons for sole possession of the title as Face of the NFL.  Both had rookie seasons to die for and

Eric B. & Rakim’s Seminal “Paid In Full” Album Turns 30


There is no Hip Hop master plan that has ever been quite as unique or everlasting as the one formulated by two young brothers from Long Island 30 years ago. Through their imagination, heart, integrity, truthfulness and musical innovation that they