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The Top 3 Moments Of Emmitt Smith’s Hall Of Fame Career


When the diminutive, but tough-as-nails running back Emmitt Smith left Florida and assumed the backfield for the Dallas Cowboys, few believed that he could be as dominating as former Dallas Hall of Famer and speedster Tony Dorsett.

Devonta Freeman Has Barry Sanders’ Size, Emmitt Smith’s Grit And The Green Light in...


Surviving the NFL game takes more than world class skill and freakish abilities. Players who make it in pro football also have to experience a degree of luck. Most first-round picks are afforded the opportunity to start or compete for

52 Years Later, John Carlos, Tommie Smith’s Silent Gesture Screams Louder Than Ever

October 16th is the 52nd anniversary of John Carlos and Tommie Smith's silent protest atop the Olympic medal stand in Mexico City. The image...

VIDEO: Lattimore Suffers Gruesome Injury


Marcus Lattimore took the SEC by force as a true freshman in 2010, setting records and earning comparisons to all-time legends Emmit Smith and Herschel Walker.

He's been robbed by injuries for the last couple of years, but none quite

Jerry Jones Gave Dak Prescott A Glimpse Into Jalen Hurts’ Cowboys Future

Remember when Jay- Z dared Dame Dash and anyone else to try and "make another HOV?" Nobody had an answer. Couldn't match his energy. Dak's...

Should Zeke Elliott Start Looking For Another Team?

While Zeke Elliott does pushups and crunches in Mexico, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones seems to be trying to convince everyone that not having his...

7 Super Bowl LIII Commercials That Caught Our Undivided Attention

While not every ad increased our heart rates, here are some that definitely made us stand up and notice. The Super Bowl is as much...

The Cultural Rise Of Atlanta Through A Super Bowl Lens

As Atlanta hosts it's third Super Bowl, the magnitude of the event reflects the explosive growth the city has experienced in the past 25...

Jon Gruden Knows Exactly What He’s Doing

Low hanging fruit is blasting Gruden’s short-term Raiders failure, but it's his long game that's in play and he’s staying true to it. What the...

Power Ranking The Best NFL HOF Classes Of The Decade So Far


The 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame Class is probably the best of this decade, top to bottom.  

I took a look at the Hall of Fame classes (just the players not the contributors) since 2010 and put a number value on each player as far as w

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