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Dwayne Haskins Is Another Victim Of Washington’s Toxic Culture

Washington Football Team Culture Failed Dwayne Haskins

Fear Of A Black Quarterback: The Giants And Dwayne Haskins

If the Giants pass on Dwayne Haskins, the organization has some explaining to do. Maybe it’s all smoke and mirrors, but the recent reports that...

Kyler Murray Chills While Dwayne Haskins Hustles

Pocket passing Haskins' old school approach lacks the popularity of Murray's dual-skilled, new-school celebrity. I never saw people so happy to find out that a...

Hustling Backwards 101: Skins Have Nothing To Lose By Starting Haskins

The Washington Redskins fans want to see Dwayne Haskins on the field in Week 4 and they let it be known on Sunday after...

NY Giants Fans Obliterate Big Blue For Dissing Haskins For Jones

Giants fans went full savage on their team for their first pick. Going into the draft on Thursday night, Giants' fans felt pretty good about...

Washington Football Team Is Breaking Ground, Hiring Minorities To Leadership Positions

The Washington Football Team has been criticized for any number of things ranging from accusations of a misogynistic working environment and exploiting cheerleaders to...

Top 5 Melanated NFL QBs Through Week 16

Once Dangeruss cooled off a bit, the top spot has belonged to Patrick Mahomes II. He just goes out and does what he does weekly,...

Top 5 Melanated QBs Through Week 15

As we head down the stretch of the NFL season there's an abundance of Black signal-callers playing at a high level. These pigskin pushers...

N.F.L Stands For “Not For Long” When It Comes To Black & Minority GMs,...

Black men in NFL leadership positions are expected to win at a faster rate than their white counterparts while generally being afforded much less...

Washington, Where NFL Quarterbacks Come To Die

According to the latest reports and my sources coming out of D.C., Dwayne Haskins may be fighting to keep his job as the starting...