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Tyronn Lue Replaces Doc Rivers As New Coach Of Championship-Hungry Clippers

The LA Clippers dumped one championship coach in 59-year-old Doc Rivers on September 28, but it took them less than a month to find...

Doc Rivers Brings His Bag Of Tricks, Trials, Tribulations & Triumphs To Philly

In my personal opinion, the Sixers hiring of Doc Rivers is a brilliant move for a team desperate to get the most out of...

More With Less: Doc Rivers Silences Haters With Playoff Berth

ESPN underestimated the coaching genius of Doc Rivers when it predicted 33 wins for the LA Clippers. Most NBA experts predicted that Doc Rivers' Los...

Is This The End For Doc Rivers And The Clippers?


Doc Rivers came to the LA Clippers in the 2013-14 season to even out the score. Kobe's Lake Show was on the way out. A Lakers rebuild was on the horizon and the high-flying Clippers had the Staples Center floor all to themselves.&

Doc Rivers Stripped Of GM Role With The Clippers


Doc Rivers has been relieved of his front office duties with the Los Angeles Clippers and will now focus all of his energies on coaching the team.

"I've owned the team for three years now, and I really better understand what an owner's respon

Jamie Foxx does Doc Rivers, John Legend and more on The Tonight Show


The always talented and hilarious Jamie Foxx can entertain audiences at the drop of a dime with his quick wit and spot-on impersonations. And last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon was no exception.

The highlight of the ni

For Mark Jackson and Doc Rivers, the Coaching Similarities are Only Skin Deep


To be perfectly honest, most people are a little bit superficial in their thought processes. For example, Los Angeles Clippers head coach Doc Rivers and Golden State Warriors head coach Mark Jackson have more in common than not as far as superficia

CP3 And Doc Rivers Are On Opposite Sides Of The Flopping Issue


If Doc Rivers were playing basketball, his views on flopping fines might be a bit different. Rivers said he used to be one of the best floppers back in the day, calling himself the best in the world, adding, "It’s almost natural; wh

Doc Rivers Discusses His Trade to LA and KG’s Impact In BK (Video)


Doc Rivers and Bill Simmons closed out the NBA Draft coverage with a bit of a dispute about Doc's trade to LA. Rivers went on the Dan Patrick Show to clear up how the trade went down. As he presents it, GM Danny Ainge was at the point where he

VIDEO: Doc Rivers’ Pitch To Chris Paul, “Stay and Win”


In the midst of Wednesday's flurry of court action(at Wimbledon and in the courtroom), Doc Rivers was introduced as Clippers head coach. It may seem like old news after this recent news cycle but his hiring was only made official on Tuesday. Re