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Jason Heyward Left Da’ Dirty South Hype For Da’ Lou Crew 


Jason Heyward is bonding quite well with his new St. Louis Cardinals teammates. If he was going to leave the Atlanta Braves -- the only pro baseball town he has ever known -- then joining the Cardinals is most def a come up. St. Louis sports the be

Did Allen Iverson Do LeBron James Dirty? | Leaves “The King” Off Top Five...

Allen Iverson is a man of many quotables. The first is the classic "we talking about practice" line that conveniently fits any pop culture...

Roddy White: The Mouth Of The NFC South


The Atlanta Falcons are soaring at new franchise heights. Unfortunately, the paucity of national media coverage has folks looking past them as if they were the third Olsen twin. Who could blame non-believers? After all,

Arthur Blank Is Shopping For An MLS Franchise


Sure that whole hockey in the Dirty South fad didn’t work out and its fan support is questionable, but the city of Atlan

Billboard Pulls Lil Nas X From Country Music Charts

Trap Country is blowing up but Billboard says pump your brakes. Viral music star, Lil Nas X, has been pushing the boundaries of music with...

Top 5 Scene Stealing Ludacris Guest Verses


Christopher Brian Bridges, aka Ludacris or Luda, burst on to the scene in 1999 with the release of his first album entitled Incognergro followed by his second project, Back for the First Time in 2000.

Since then, the rapper has made a name fo

Kendrick Lamar: The Right Choice for the Grammy’s Album of the Year


History is filled with empires that have fallen from great heights into rubble.  Populations that once were adorned in silks and linens are reduced to wearing rags over the course of time, as foreign invaders now roam their lands and dominate

Were Martin and Incognito “Niggaz” Or Was Martin His “Nigger”?


Some people think Rich Incognito is a bad dude and a coward picking on a sca

“Why Y’all Ain’t Smiling?” | Deion Sanders, Shedeur Sanders And Travis Hunter Grace Cover...

When you talk impact, the name Deion Sanders should ring synonymously after his efforts in the HBCU world. Since Sanders signed on to lead the...

“Never Give Up, It Don’t Matter”| Miami’s Own DJ Khaled Airballs Shot, Sending Message...

In the world of sports, you always have rappers who wanted to ball in their former lives and ballers who still want to rap...