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Aaron Rodgers Silences Doubters With Win Over Detroit Lions

Last night Aaron Rodgers silenced his doubters with a decisive 35-17 win over the Detroit Lions. However, it was just another spoke in the...

Will Detroit Lions Protest Of Jacob Blake Shooting Inspire More NFL Protests?

In the aftermath of ANOTHER police shooting of an unarmed Black man, the Detroit Lions canceled practice on Tuesday in protest of the callous...

Megatron Wants The Detroit Lions To Pay Him What They Owe

According to Johnson, the Lions owe him at least $1 million that was taken from his signing bonus. I had a lengthy conversation with former...

Jim Caldwell Fired By The Detroit Lions


After starting 2017 off with a 3-1 record, the Lions won only one game out of the next four, which put the heat on the pot of rumblings sitting on the stove in the coaching kitchen. The latter, excluding a blow out loss to the Saints, included loss

Detroit Lions Make Matthew Stafford The Highest Paid NFL Player Ever


The Lions have never reached the Super Bowl, or won a playoff game since 1991, but they have decided who their franchise player is and are paying him better than anyone else in the League for that title.

Matthew Stafford, who has been at the

When Megatron Retired The Detroit Lions Did Him Dirty  


The ineptitude of the Detroit Lions franchise can rub anyone the wrong way. Fans and local sports prognosticators have been stuck in decades of mediocrity and worse. Over the past decade, The lone bright spot in an annual Lions pity party was Calvi

It’s Truly Boom Or Bust For The Detroit Lions


The Detroit Lions have a big game on Sunday. The result will probably lead to either pure jubilation or massive gloom and doom.

Welcome to life as a Lions' fan.

A victory over the Green Bay Packers at Ford Field on national TV on Su

Detroit Lions are keeping Jim Caldwell


After a 7-9 season, which included some house cleaning in the coaching and executive ranks, the Detroit Lions have announced that they are keeping head coach Jim Caldwell around for the 2016 season.

New Detroit Lions HC Jim Caldwell Is Officially Recyclable NFL Goods 


In two not-so-bold moves the NFL has doubled its number of African-American coaches and some might say, advanced NFL diversity 20 years without giving any unproven, fresh talent a shot at a HC gig. I’d

Reggie Bush Is A Lifeline For The Detroit Lions 


Reggie Bush had been the talk of Lions camp for a lot of the preseason, and with good reason. Bush showed in the last two seasons with Miami that he was the every-down running back that he didn't get a chance to be in New Orleans.