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Derek Fisher Arrested On Suspicion Of DUI


On Sunday morning, former Knicks' coach Derek Fisher was arrested on charges of DUI, another bad incident added to the running list of negative moments on Fisher's post-NBA player resume.

In the early morning yesterday, Fisher's Cadillac hit

Derek Fisher Robbed of His NBA Jewels 


Derek Fisher, former Los Angeles Lakers point guard, was the victim of a burglary Monday morning.

Fisher alleges that $300,000 worth of jewelry was taken from his San Fernando Valley home, including his five NBA championship rings

Derek Fisher speaks


After being fired by the Knicks two days ago, former head coach Derek Fisher took to Twitter to express his feelings.

Knicks fire head coach Derek Fisher


Some call it shocking but real Knicks fan knew it had to be coming. It hasn't felt right lately and today the team tried to make it feel a little "righter" by firing their head coach, Derek Fisher.

From the team:

New York Knick

Matt Barnes Suspended Two Games For Altercation With Derek Fisher


The NBA announced a two game suspension for Memphis Grizzlies' forward Matt Barnes for his role in an early October altercation with Derek Fisher.

Derek Fisher and Matt Barnes brawl in LA


Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes and New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher, formerly teammates on the Los Angeles Lakers for two seasons, were reportedly involved in a physical altercation at the home of Barnes estranged wife, Glovia Govan.

Derek Fisher and the Jump from Player to NBA Head Coach


Ten days after scoring his final NBA basket, Derek Fisher transitioned from coming off the bench to running it when the New York Knicks, or more pointedly, Phil Jackson, named him the team’s 26th head coach.


Gone Fishin’: Derek Fisher Is Play-Doh Coach The Zen Master Reeled Into New York


Phil Jackson wasn’t going to try and fit a square into a Triangle hole. On Monday afternoon, he found his malleable Play-Doh head coach in veteran Derek Fisher.

The 11-time champion lost one like Lauryn Hill when his original catch un

Why Is Derek Fisher Still Hoopin’?


The word you're looking for is desperation. That's the only logical explanation for the Dallas Mavericks’ recent signing of Derek Fisher, the way-past-his-prime point guard, who, before this—outside of his duties as p

WNBA: Fisher’s Parker Benching Was A Calculated Message To His Leader

Candace Parker is a WNBA legend. She transcended the game long ago and her celebrity rose three-fold when she became the first full-time woman...