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Hip Hop, Darryl Strawberry And Growing Up Black in NYC


It was his swingit was always about his swing. There was a bravado in the batters box, a swag to the saunter at a time when swag wasnt in our lexicon. The same year I was born, on May 16th, Daryl Strawberry was brought up from the minors and s

It’s Passing The Baton…Moving The Line” | Mets’ Nick Plummer’s First Two Starts Yield...

You have to be unique if you have your theme music in only two starts in Major League baseball. But that is precisely what one...

Doc And Darryl Did More Than Fail


If you're a black man who was growing up in the 80s, especially in NYC, Doc Gooden and Darryl Strawberry represented so much.

It wasn't just that the lowly New York Mets finally had developed real superstar players from their minor league

Me, Dwight and Darryl Trippin’ Down Memory Lane


For baseball fans planning to watch tonight’s MLB All-Star game at Citi Field, the game will have varying degrees of sign

AL MVP Candidate Mookie Betts Joins The Illustrious 30-30 Club


Mookie Betts is the 2018 American League MVP and the best player in baseball this season. 

An Open Letter: Dwight Gooden, If You Need Help, Please Get It


Dear Doc,

The good news Monday morning was that you responded to my text.

I simply said, "Doc, thinking of you bro, Rob."

Just two minutes later, you hit me back on my smart phone. "What's up....i am good my brother."


Aroldis Chapman Is MLB’s Fastest Fireman Tossing In Real NY Time 


Back in the golden days AKA "The Derek Jeter Era," when King George Steinbrenner ruled the Bronx, the Yankees were known for making tsunami-splash trades and nabbing the most coveted free agents off the market.

They were also known for taking

TSL High Heat: Mets Banking on History, Wings and A Slayer 


The expression, in a New York minute, truly applies to the 2015 Mets because thats how fast their season went from bust to boom.