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Nuthin’ But A G-Thang: Pat Riley Let Danny Ainge Know What It Is


Celtics President of Basketball Operations Danny Ainge has to feel like he's in a Snoop video. He got G-checked by Heat President Pat Riley, after criticizing LeBron James’ objections to hard fouls during the

Doc Rivers Discusses His Trade to LA and KG’s Impact In BK (Video)


Doc Rivers and Bill Simmons closed out the NBA Draft coverage with a bit of a dispute about Doc's trade to LA. Rivers went on the Dan Patrick Show to clear up how the trade went down. As he presents it, GM Danny Ainge was at the point where he

Marcus Stroman Du-Rag Diss & Brad Stevens Promotion Is That Same Old Stale Systemic...

The racial rollercoaster in sports continues. If we thought that 2020 was a racial reckoning in this country, the past week of polarizing sports...

Bold NBA Trade Deadline Deals We Could See

In a fair world, the big fish would be Bradley Beal who plays out of this world for a team that is abysmal. Washington...

Celtics’ Brad Stevens Is Not Being Held Accountable For Playoff Implosion

Stevens has a heck of a work ethic, but it's no better than Kyrie Irving, Al Horford or Marcus Smart's grind.   Let’s speak facts. The...

Celtics Shoot A Brick In Fan “N-Word” Taunt Punishment Decision

Boston blew it by not imposing a lifetime ban on the fan that called DeMarcus Cousins a "Ni**er". Call it a coincidence, call it damage...

Is Kyrie Irving A Team Obliterator?

As the Celtics continue to struggle, questions arise about Kyrie Irving. We lauded Kyrie Irving as being his "own man" when he flat left...

Elton Brand Is Trading His Way To GM Of The Year

The Philadelphia Sixers GM has pulled off two blockbuster trades and improved the Sixers' title hopes in just five months on the job.  Elton Brand...

Kyrie, LeBron, And Why Time Heals All Wounds

Kyrie Irving cold left LeBron James in Cleveland, but now he's open to rejoining The King in LA.  If Kyrie Irving never left Cleveland, LeBron...

3 Possible Trade Destinations For Anthony Davis

According to reports, the Lakers, Knicks and eventually Celtics are in position to trade for Anthony Davis.  Anthony Davis announced to the basketball world that...