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Why Is Lee Daniels’ Name Always In Some Mess?


There's a lot of heat swirling around a recently videotaped argument between one-time entertainment mogul Dame Dash and Oscar-winning director

There’s No Limit To Scoop B’s Sports Media Takeover

As the month of February came to a close, sports analyst, media personality and NBA news guru Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson, announced that he...

Remembering An Original Rhyme Renegade: Big L Lost His Life 22 Years Ago

Lamont Coleman was a lyrical beast. Known in hip hop as Big L, the diminutive rap artist was an oxymoron physically but a giant verbally....

Jerry Jones Gave Dak Prescott A Glimpse Into Jalen Hurts’ Cowboys Future

Remember when Jay- Z dared Dame Dash and anyone else to try and "make another HOV?" Nobody had an answer. Couldn't match his energy. Dak's...

Michael Sam Gets Sacked By St. Louis, So What’s His Next Move?


As a senior at Missouri last fall, Michael Sam gained gridiron acclaim en route to being named the SEC Defensive Player of the Year following a year during which he anchored Mizzou's run to the conference title game. In February

Jay & Bey Release Statement on Solange Elevator Attack


The firestorm of controversy surrounding the grainy black and white elevator video of Jay Z being attacked by Solange continues to engulf the news arena as people speculate on the reason Solange went H.A.M. Some say i

Despite Low Numbers For Blacks In MLB, There’s Reason For Optimism On Jackie Robinson...


On Wednesday MLB and The New York Yankees held its annual Jackie Robinson Day, in which Robinson’s skill, courage and historic breaking of baseball’s color barrier is celebrated, as well as his post career

SCREEN TIME: Anthony Mackie


Listen carefully and you’ll hear a tiny southern twang way in the back of Anthony Mackie’s voice. It comes despite 11 years of classes in acting for film, TV, and stage. It breaks through his molded dictio

Is DMX On Crack?


Back in the late 90s and early millennium, one-time superstar rapper DMX was famous for verbosely asking, “Where my dogs at?” While it’s common knowledge that dog is used as a term of endearment, one

The 68 Man March: Chris Walker May Put Florida Over The Hump


From the top of the bracket to the bottom of the bubble watch, we break down the final push for placement into the 68-team men’s March Madness tournament.

"I will be playing college basketball for the University of Flor