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TSL CREED II Preview: Director Steven Caple Jr.

Caple continues the greatness of the "Creed" franchise. When Director Ryan Coogler took the mantle for the first CREED movie, it was revolutionary that the...

TSL CREED II Preview: Tessa Thompson

Tessa returns as Bianca in the franchise's second installment.While names like Creed, Rocky and Drago might be more prevalent, there is no doubt who's...

Creed II’s Dolph Lundgren, Florian Munteanu, The Dragos Talk Family Ties

The Drago saga continues in Creed II. "If he dies, he dies." The iconic words spoken by Dolph Lundgren three decades ago effuse a vitriol that could...

TSL CREED II Preview: Michael B. Jordan

We got an exclusive with Michael B. Jordan before the release of Creed II. When Sylvester Stallone reignited the mythical Rocky franchise around the son...

Creed II Hits The Brick City

The film premiered in Newark and the city celebrated a prodigal son.   As the Thanksgiving nationwide premiere of Creed II draws near, promotional events are...

WATCH: The Size, Speed And Power Of Viktor Drago Of “Creed II”

Played by Florian "Big Nasty" Munteanu, the son of Ivan Drago shows why his power and size will be a problem for Adonis Creed. The...

New Trailer For “Creed II” Has Us Ready To Fight Right Now


When the first "Creed" was announced, many had their doubts. Why did we need another Rocky movie? Why would anyone care about Creed? Michael B. Jordan as a boxer? Well after seeing it, those questions were dismissed with deadly force and it became

WATCH: Get Hyped Everybody, Here Is The New Creed II Trailer


After the success of the first Creed movie, you had to expect that

Mysterious Death: Ex-NFL Defensive Lineman Saousoalii “Junior” Siavii Found Dead In Prison

Tragedy has hit professional football, as a former Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle has been found dead in a Kansas federal prison. Saousoalii Siavii Jr.,...

Top 5 Rookies Entering NFL Wildcard Weekend |Time To Take The Diapers Off For...

The NFL postseason is here and we have seen some historical performances by rookies on both sides of the ball. The performance of these five...