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Coronavirus Attacks Sports: Charles Barkley Tests Negative For COVID-19

NBA legend and TNT analyst Charles Barkley announced 10 days ago that he was going into quarantine and being tested for coronavirus after feeling...

Charles Barkley Verbally Slays Jussie Smollett

With one sentence on "Inside the NBA", Chuck clowned both Jussie and Liam Neeson. Charles Barkley has been known to drop some hilarious lines during...

Charles Barkley Aims To Make African-American History More Accessible


Charles Barkley, along with leading education technology provider EVERFI, Inc., recently announced a partnership to power a new African-American history initiative for high school students throughout the states of Alabama and Mississippi.


Charles Barkley Says NBA Players “Have Zero Loyalty”


Charles Barkley isnt feeling the new trend of players forcing their way out of cities to go team up with their homies and chase rings. The NBA TNT analyst was very vocal about his disdain for the current trend. As a guest on Mike & Mike, Barkle

Shaq And Charles Barkley Need To Knock It Off


Anybody who watches Inside The NBA knows things can get a tad bit uncomfortable on air from time to time when Shaq and Charles Barkley get to jawing back and forth. But, earlier this week, things took an even more awkward turn than usual when the t

Charles Barkley Remains Admonishing to Black Folks, Comforting to Whites


The Shadow League, like many other media outlets with majority black readers, has chronicled NBA Hall of Famer and Emmy a

Charles Barkley Addresses “Nitwits, Scumbags And Punks” 


Charles Barkley is firing back against critics who have been taking the mighty-mouthed basketball analyst to the shed on social media for his comments concerning Celtics star Isaiah Thomas display of emotion in the wake of his sisters tragic death.

Charles Barkley Is Tired of Lonzo Ball’s Dad’s “Stupidity”


Freshman point guard Lonzo Ball has re-awakened a sleeping giant out at UCLA and has the Bruins, ranked No. 3 in the countr

Charles Barkley Says Westbrook Doesn’t Trust His Teammates 


After Russell Westbrook shot 12 for 36 will some ill-advised shots down the stretch in a 114-109 loss to the suspect Trail Blazers on Thursday --  but still managed a whopping 45 points --  the TNT crew, led by Charles Barkley discussed t