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‘Talking About African American Ballplayers, We Need To Do Better’ | LA Dodgers Manager...

Major League Baseball's color line was bravely crossed by Jackie Robinson on April 15, 1947, when he started at first base for the Brooklyn...

SL Black Music Month: The Crooklyn Dodgers


Im from Uptown. Harlem and the Bronx to be specific. For those not from the Big Apple, the significance is vital because perpetration was never my forte.

Back in the '90s, there was a very real tension between Kings County and the left upper

Black History Month In Focus: Dodgers Great Don Newcombe


This is part of The Shadow League's Black History Month In Focus series celebrating Black exc

The LA Dodgers Are Wrecking Towards Records and Rings


The Los Angeles Dodgers continue to steamroll through MLB with a loaded roster of young studs, veteran mashers and a trailer load of golden arms that could shut down

Dave Roberts’ Hire By Dodgers a Big Step for MLB


Indeed, it was a bit of a shocker.

With baseball's biggest payroll and too much recent playoff failure baggage, few thought the Los Angeles Dodgers were in position to take a chance, give an opportunity.

But that's exactly what the

Jason Collins Walks In Jackie Robinson’s Brooklyn Footsteps


It only seemed fitting.

After all, when sports moves - and it did in a big way on Sunday night - Brooklyn owns it.

The Brooklyn Nets knocked down a barrier, signing journeyman center Jason Collins to a 10-day contract. When Collins

It’s An NY Knicks City And The Brooklyn Nets Are Just Living In It


There had never been buildup to a franchise's relocation in NBA history like the New Jersey Nets’ decade-long slow drift to New Jersey. When Russian billionaire Mikhael Prokhorov brought the franchise,

In the Life of Jackie Robinson: Don Newcombe


An overpowering right-hander, Don Newcombe was one of the key players on the storied post-World War II Brooklyn Dodgers championship teams. Affectionately known as "Big Newk," he was the first great African American pitcher in the major

TRAILER: Are You Ready For The Jackie Robinson Biopic?


Jackie Robinson established his baseball legacy the moment he took the field for the Brooklyn Dodgers, opening the game up to people of all races and backgrounds. He then played his way into the Hall of Fame without getting much help from some of

Jackie Robinson Day Is A Celebration Of Black America’s Undervalued Status As Baseball Pioneers...

On April 15, 2022, Major League Baseball celebrates another Jackie Robinson Day and also the 75th anniversary of when Robinson – a true giant...