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“I Am A Racist, Glad That Is Out The Way” | Boston Red Sox...

Recently, the Boston Red Sox have released minor league player Brett Netzer after going on a racist and homophobic tirade on social media. Netzer admitted...

Marcus Stroman Du-Rag Diss & Brad Stevens Promotion Is That Same Old Stale Systemic...

The racial rollercoaster in sports continues. If we thought that 2020 was a racial reckoning in this country, the past week of polarizing sports...

Women’s History Month: Kim Janey Named First Black Mayor Of Boston

In the nearly 200 years since the job of Boston Mayor was created, 54 white men filled the role of top city executive. Kim...

Wayne Embry: NBA’s First Black GM Reflects On Racism & Death Threats He Faced...

The NBA's first Black General Manager, Wayne Embry, National Civil Rights Museum President Terri Freeman, Founder of E Pluribus Unum and former Mayor of...

Opportunity Is The Key To Addressing Systemic Racism in Business

2020 has been a year of remarkable change, awareness, and empathy. Sparked by global acts of civil unrest, many have become acutely aware of...

Boston Red Sox Disrespect Black Baseball Again

Once again, MLB's progress and dogged diversity efforts have been impeded by greedy owners and disrespect of elite MLB Black Knights. When's the last...

How Black Pitchers Deal With Home Town Hate, Home Team Racism

Black MLB pitchers have traditionally been the subject of vicious racial attacks since, forever. Black MLB pitchers have traditionally been the subject of vicious racial...

Curt Schilling Says Adam Jones’ Story of Racism Is Bogus


After Orioles outfielder Adam Jones was abused by a fan at Fenway Park on Monday night and called the N-word mu

Sully Muntari’s Suspension Elevates Racism Over Righteousness


Racism in soccer is nothing new.

Earlier this week during a match between Cagliari and Pescara in Serie A, fans

A Night Later, Boston Red Sox Fans Applaud Adam Jones


Amazing to see what a new day can do, especially in Boston.

A day after some ignorant Red Sox fans de