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Texans Owner Bob McNair Don’t Care ‘Bout Your Couch Or Your Feelings


In October 2017, The Shadow League and numerous other publications reported on Houston Texans owner Bob McNair who made the most awkwa

Bob Mcnair’s “Inmate” Comment Exemplifies Why Players Take A Knee


Even in this charged atmosphere in which racial animus that once lurked in the digital dungeons and message boards of cloaked demagogues has tainted public discourse to the point where there is an ostensibly white supremacist in the White House, he

Like Father, Like Son: Texans CEO Cal McNair Said ‘China Virus’ at Team Charity...

This past May Houston Texans Chairman and CEO Cal McNair called COVID-19 the "China virus" at the team’s charity golf tournament, according to Bally...

Houston Texans Take A Knee In Unity Against McNair “Inmates” Comment


All week the chatter in the NFL was around how the Texans would react to owner Bob McNair's comments about "inmates running the prison," which referred to letting players have too much control especially as it relates to demonstrations like taking

Jerry Jones And Other NFL Owners Deposed In Kap’s Collusion Grievance


Colin Kaepernick's lawyers are seeking to interview several owners and requesting email and text messages from numerous teams and the league office.

They've asked to speak to Texans owner Bob McNair, 49ers owner Jed York, Cowboys owner Jerry

Jadeveon Clowney Rocks Orange Inmate Jumpsuit To Texans Halloween Jam


Texans owner Bob McNairs inmates running the prison comment he made in a recent meeting with to

“This Is Not L.A. … Dallas Is Not New York” | FS1s Shannon Sharpe...

As fans and media await the start of the NFL season, rumors and stories start to grow legs that normally wouldn't be taken seriously...

The Value Of Elite Black Quarterbacks Is Being Tested This Offseason

The QB position is easily the hardest position to project for scouts as it pertains to the NFL Draft. Sometimes scouts miss big, sometimes...

Deshaun Watson Wants Out Of Houston: Texans Must Blame Themselves

The Houston Texans drafted Derrick “Deshaun” Watson with the 12th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Watson was the third quarterback drafted overall after...