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“I GOT BEEF” | With COVID On Attack & BLM Under Attack, 350,000 Sign...

Mark Gray Won't Be Watching The Olympics & Here's Why  In addition to the health concerns, the fact that Tokyo Games has banned Black Lives...

Tokyo Olympics Bans BLM Clothing

Insensitive to today's matters at hand, Tokyo Olympics officials confirmed that athletes will not be allowed to wear Black Lives Matter apparel at the...

Alabama Mayor Resigns After Post About Crimson Tide’s BLM video

An Alabama mayor has resigned after posting disparaging comments. His ire was directed towards the University of Alabama football team voicing its support for the...

Javier Ambler’s Death Is “The Truman Show” Of The BLM Movement

A&E Networks announced earlier this week that it intended to "cease production" on the popular series, "Live PD". The show, which follows police officers in...

Andre 3000 Joins Growing List Of Celebrities Reinvigorated By #BLM Protests

Sports personalities are getting the most press for their contributions to the Black Lives Matter movement and protest responses to the murder of George...

NFL Players Demand To Be Heard, Jacksonville Jaguars Players March In BLM Protest

Black men continue to be killed at the hands of cops, but hope resonates around the world as kids of all color embrace diversity...

Seattle Players Field Dueling Narratives About BLM


The dialectic within the sports realm over activism, as well as the validity of the phrase "Black Lives Matter," continues to gain increased coverage as several prominent professional athletes from varying fields of play speak out in favor of Black

Mainstream Apathy Toward Black Lives Is the Problem, Not BLM


The BLM, as a human rights organization and the overarching movement it helped ignite, has been lambasted by President Barack Obama. A former president, Bill Clinton shouted down someone he misidentified as a member of Black Lives Matter and Hillar

Snoop Dogg Keeps Boxing Trill(er) With Jake Paul

The boxing landscape is evolving thanks to the popularity of YouTuber Jake Paul and the musical curation of Snoop Dogg. Triller Fight Club, produced by...

LeBron James’ 30-Day Crusade Ends With FAMU Being Outfitted By The King and Nike

LeBron James has had a busy 30 days. He facilitated WNBA activist Renee Montgomery's elevation to part-owner of the Atlanta Dream, after they forced...