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Charles Ramsey Is The Gregory Brothers’ Latest Muse For Psuedo-Blaxploitation


Have you seen the “Dead Giveaway” video, yet? Of course you have, because, who hasn’t? Three guys and one gal from Brooklyn, known as the Gregory Brothers, “songified” a series of interviews from new American hero Char

“Get Him A Body Bag!”: 36 Years Ago “The Karate Kid” Hit The Silver...

In the late 70s, the martial arts craze was sweeping the country, a karate-kicking wave that continued through the 80s. From the iconic Bruce Lee,...

“Get Him A Body Bag!”: Celebrating 35 Years Of “The Karate Kid”

Can you believe it's been 35 years since Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi won it all? In the late 70s, the martial arts craze was...

Black History Month In Focus: Donavin Britt

The Israeli fighting art of Krav Maga is dripping with melanin in the desert. This is part of The Shadow League's yearly Black History Month...

“Can You Count, Suckas!”: Celebrating 40 Years of “The Warriors” And The New York...

"The Warriors" remains a cult phenom and a tribute to the New York that raised me. “Can you dig it?!” With those four words, Cyrus and...

An Undercover Cover Brother Sequel Sans Eddie Griffin Is Not A Sequel Worth Having

The film may have been Eddie Griffin's signature role, but the sequel is moving on without him. The universe changes in ways subtle, inconceivable and...

“Enter The Dragon”- Bruce Lee’s Game Changing Film Turns 45


On August 18th, 1973, Bruce Lee hit the silver screen across the U.S. in "Enter the Dragon", blasting open a path for others to charge through and connecting him to a movement which had been ignited by Blaxploitation films three years earlier.


“Five Deadly Venoms”- Celebrating 40 Years Of The Cult Classic


On August 12th, 1978, five men in reptilian masks hit the silver screen and the hood was hooked.

The Toad, Lizard, Scorpion, Snake and the Centipede arrived in the U.S. in "Five Deadly Venoms" (also known as "The Five Venoms") and struck hard

VIDEO: Netflix’s “A Day In Hollywood” Reminds Us How Far We’ve Come


Since the dawn of the motion picture industry at the start of the 20th century, there has existed a very discernable atmosphere of marginalization, stereotypes and flat-out lies crafted by the forefathers of the current Hollywood superstructure. Th

Remaking Super Fly: The Player’s Paradise Alongside The Hustler’s Hell


For a great number of those born in Generation X, the decade of the '70s carries great weight culturally. The era crystallized the prism through which many were able to create the DNA of their own culture. 

Indeed, Hip-Hop was born in th