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Black Quarterback Chronicles: NFL Top 5 Black QBs Through Week 11

Black quarterbacks are still putting it on at an elite level. How do their performances rank in Week 11?  1.      Patrick Mahomes (Chiefs)...

Black QB Chronicles: Russell Wilson Is Probably The Most Important Black Quarterback In NFL...

It was November of 2019. Wilson had already been to two Super Bowls and there were people out there still calling him a game...

Black Quarterback Chronicles: 10 Black Starting Quarterbacks First Time In NFL History

The NFL has finally acknowledged the mistake it made four years ago with Colin Kaepernick and his social justice crusade. Off the field, we saw...

Black Quarterback Chronicles: Significance of Patrick Mahomes’ Super Bowl Destiny

After Sunday’s 5-TD performance in a 51-31 thrashing of Deshaun Watson’s Houston Texans coupled with Russell Wilson’s loss to the Green Bay Packers on...

Black Quarterback Chronicles: Ranking Top 5 Black NFL Quarterbacks

The NFL has finally caught up to the multi-faceted greatness of the Black quarterback. After years of groundwork being laid by Marlin Briscoe, James...

Black Quarterback Chronicles: LJ Is Who We Thought Cam Newton Was

When Cam Newton said that he was something the NFL had never seen, while the statement oozed with self-indulgence and ego and lacked in...

Black Quarterback Chronicles: Jacoby’s Lit, Lamar’s Sick and Dak Split Philly’s Wig

Andrew Luck who? It's impressive how quickly Jacoby Brissett stepped into Luck's huge shoes upon the franchise quarterback's abrupt retirement. Brissett continues to flourish...

Black Quarterback Chronicles: Watson vs. Mahomes Part 1

The first meeting between two of the NFL’s young stunner quarterbacks -- who also happen to be the two best African-American pigskin-slingers in the...

Pump The Brakes On The Black Quarterback Bandwagon


History has been made this season. Or, at the very least, we’ve got one helluva factoid. There are nine black starting quarterbacks in the NFL this season, more than ever before. It’s the sort of moment that makes observers stop and thi

The Value Of Elite Black Quarterbacks Is Being Tested This Offseason

The QB position is easily the hardest position to project for scouts as it pertains to the NFL Draft. Sometimes scouts miss big, sometimes...