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The Case of LaVar Ball and the Hyper-Criticism of Strong Black Fathers


This morning basketball pundits from across the media spectrum are discussing LaVar Ball once again. As in the past, the decisions that he is making for the future of his children are front and center. On Monday, it was announced that

King Richard Williams Finally Gets His Roses | The Polarization Of The Professional Athlete...

There is nothing like a father's love, especially a Black father. Quantify that statement times 1,000 when discussing the Black fathers of athletes on...

A Black Man Series | Robert Hill Sr.’s Father’s Day Reflection

The Humanity of Connection will host a virtual program and conversation today (Father’s Day).  The conversation will focus on the importance of Black fatherhood...

Jared Kushner Thinks Black People “Complain” With No Action

Jared Kushner is a jack of all trades and a master of none. Everything he has was inherited and his entire reputation has been...

George Floyd’s Funeral Was An Energy Boost For Black America’s Exhausting Fight For Equality

George Floyd’s funeral in Houston, Texas today was not only the central point of Black pain, love, angst, and unity in the world but...

Minnesota Police Arrest Reporter Omar Jimenez To Double Down On Fact That Black Lives...

In the middle of a live transmission during the Minneapolis protests, Minnesota police arrested a CNN correspondent for apparently no reason. American television reporter Omar...

HS Hoops Double Shooting Another Black Eye For Youth Sports

Parents and coaches continue to react violently, treating youth sports like a professional league with huge money at stake. On Saturday, 47-year-old Christopher Hooks, the...

Black Girl Strength: How Lita Lewis Became A Champion Of Self-Love


When it comes to fitness on social media, we tend to be inundated with the same images: Thin bodies. Flat abs. Tight butts. In short,  "perfect" bodies or at least, to society's standards anyway. On Instagram, the idea of "fit" only looks a c

Jasper Williams, Instead Of Celebrating Aretha, Shamed Black People


I had to marinate awhile on the eulogy of Aretha Franklin given by Rev. Jasper Williams Jr.  It had a lot of tough pills to swallow. For me, the black church's dualistic nature is one of the strangest dichotomies faced by the descendants of Af

MLB Must Embrace Its Rich Black Past To Strengthen Its Black Future


The 2018 MLB All-Star Game will be played in Washington, DC.  

While the proverbial Chocolate City is looking distinctly cafe au lait these days, when the hometown Nationals set up shop in 2005 after more than 20 years as the Montreal Ex