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Bill Polian Contradicts Himself in Assessing Lamar Jackson


Will somebody please stop asking Bill Polian questions about black quarterbacks? Pretty please?

C’Mon, Son!!!: Bill Polian 


"C'Mon Son!!!" is a semi-regular column on The Shadow League where we lovingly tap some fool on the shoulder in order to help them through some personal growth. Today's moron is NFL Hall of Fame

From Dynastic to The Dungeon: Life With the Buffalo Bills


About 22 years ago, my Pops, my two older cousins and I kneeled on our basement floor, holding hands. It was a frigid evening on the east side of Buffalo, NY and we were waiting for Scott Norwood to kick a field goal. If it were good, I wouldn&rs

The Ravens Are Already Using Their Version Of Mike Vick The Wrong Way


Remember when former NFL executive Bill Polian suggested that LaMar Jackson was better

“Willis Has Boom-or-Bust Potential” | Malik Willis Should Thank Lamar Jackson For His NFL...

Not since the 2018 NFL Draft with Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen has there been a more intriguing boom-or-bust prospect than Liberty's Malik Willis is...

Lamar Jackson & Mookie Betts Keep The Spice In The Game | Professional Myth-Busters

The NFL and MLB worlds collided this week as we saw two of the greatest to ever do it in their respective sports show...

N.F.L Stands For “Not For Long” When It Comes To Black & Minority GMs,...

Black men in NFL leadership positions are expected to win at a faster rate than their white counterparts while generally being afforded much less...

Black QB Chronicles: Russell Wilson Is Probably The Most Important Black Quarterback In NFL...

It was November of 2019. Wilson had already been to two Super Bowls and there were people out there still calling him a game...

The Golden Age Of Black NFL Quarterbacks Is Happening Right Now

In case you haven't noticed, we're in a Golden Age for NFL Black quarterbacks. We are witnessing the emergence of QBs of color who...

The AAF Kicks Off With A Bang

Unlike the USFL and XFL, the AAF is banking on football royalty, talent and financial smarts to build longevity.  When the NFL season ends on...