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Deshaun Watson Is Making The Houston Texans Look Like Geniuses


The NFL Draft's slap in the face doesnt sting as much anymore, but it has driven Deshaun Watson in his first training camp with the Houston Texans. 

Has the old “Hard Knocks” Curse Been Rejuvenated in Houston?


The Houston Texans fell to 1-4 after losing to an Andrew Luck-less Indianapolis Colts team in Wk 4. Many fans are predictably pointing the finger at their participation on HBO's Hard Knocks.

HARD KNOCKS is going to Houston for the Texans


JJ Watt and company get ready, for today it was announced that the upcoming season of HARD KNOCKS will feature the Houston Texans.

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The Value Of Elite Black Quarterbacks Is Being Tested This Offseason

The QB position is easily the hardest position to project for scouts as it pertains to the NFL Draft. Sometimes scouts miss big, sometimes...

Black QB Chronicles: Top 5 Melanated NFL Quarterbacks Right Now

We’ve long clamored for the opportunity to show folks that the Black QB is more than a dual-threat, run-first option at the helm. From the...

MLB High Heat: Atlanta Braves Hustle Backwards Benching Ronald Acuna Jr.

The Atlanta Braves vs. Ronald Acuna Jr. generational and cultural disconnect, that actually began back in 2018 when he was still the top prospect...

Jadaveon Clowney Wants The Long-Term Bag Not Franchise Tag

Houston Texans defensive end Jadavean Clowney has 18.5 sacks over the last two seasons which is eight more than he had over his first...

Texans Owner Bob McNair Don’t Care ‘Bout Your Couch Or Your Feelings


In October 2017, The Shadow League and numerous other publications reported on Houston Texans owner Bob McNair who made the most awkwa

NFL Teams Continue To Prove Blackballing Kaepernick Supersedes Winning


We are now entering week 10 of the NFL season and the lines on the field have been drawn.

I'm not talking about line which distinguish the good teams from the bad. I'm referring to the line which separates reality from falsehood, a line which

Marshawn Lynch Rides the Rainbow into Retirement


Perception is reality for most people. 

Take Marshawn Lynch, for example.  Sitting here in the wake of his recent retirement, I expect to witness a deluge of stories from veteran NFL beat writers and commentators regarding his on