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BIG3 Is The Name And Fire Ball3 Is The Game

Ice Cube’s BIG3 bomb of an announcement wasn’t that he was bringing D-Wade and Kobe into the fold, but it centered around expansion. Further...

2019 BIG3 Draft’s A Glimpse Into Pro Ball’s Future

The 2019 BIG3 Draft was a drastic change from last year when it comes to team construction. The first round of the BIG3 draft...

2019 BIG3 DRAFT: NBA Lottery Busts Seek Do-Over

Eddie Curry, Greg Oden, and Stromile Swift are NBA underachievers seeking redemption through tonight's Big3 draft. The Big3 Draft for season 3 of Ice...

BIG3 Draft Lottery Sets Up Impactful Draft Night

The BIG3 Draft Lottery has positioned several teams to challenge for the 2019 championship. The BIG3 Draft Combine and Lottery took place on Tuesday...

What You Need To Know About The 2019 BIG3 Draft

132 professional players will compete for just 31 open roster spots.  As its highly anticipated third season gets underway, the BIG3 League --  the professional...

BIG3 Will Close The Competition Gap In Season 3

The BIG3 Draft pool for Season 3 is thick with former NBA champions, all-star vets and fan favorites. A flurry of former NBA household names...

Lamar Odom Goes Overseas To Prepare For BIG3 Season

Lamar Odom will prepare for his 2019 BIG3 debut by playing in the Dubai International Basketball Championship in February. It was first reported in November...

BIG3 Opening Weekend: Players To Watch


This Sunday marks the start of Ice Cubes BIG3 league, a 3-on-3 tournament for retired NBA players. 

Usually w

Ice Cube’s Big3 League Is Loaded With Legends


The connection of love and respect between hip-hop and professional basketball has always been apparent. However, few were more renowned for his love of the Los Angeles Lakers as Ice Cube. Now, Cube is teaming up with longtime business partner and

Adam Silver Wants To Change The Narrative With The Term Owner

Changing the term owner to Governor is another example of the NBA's commitment to diversity and quickly addressing social issues that are troubling for...