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R.I.P Phife Dawg from ATCQ: Memories From a Fan and a Friend


I was a young boy like 9 or 10 and a diehard Giants fan. Every time my mom sent me to the corner store to fetch a pair of Virginia Slims, Id have to pass Jarobis house and then your grandmas house. Id often see you walking the opposite way rocking

“The Message” Turns 35 And Remains Hip-Hop’s Premier Social Commentary


Hip-Hop has always maintained a strong connection with both the streets and the social issues plaguing the urban communities which give birth to the the genre's stars.

Over the last three decades, we have been gifted with lyrical descriptions

Celebrating 25 Years of Mecca And The Soul Brother


On June 9th, 1992, Money Earnin' Mount Vernon - the Westchester County city just north of The Bronx - announced its latest and greatest duo to the entertainment landscape since the basketball playing days of brothers

Vibes and Stuff: Some Favorite Phife Lyrics


Phife Dawg, "the Five Foot Assassin from the Zulu Nation," the heart of Tribe Called Quest, freestyle genius, deliverer of funny, clever punch lines, and sports enthusiast passed on March 22nd after a long struggle with diabetes. As much as his rhy

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life


Once upon a time the hip-hop DJ was considered essential to the authenticity of any jam. Whether in the parks after dark or upon stage engaged in turntable rage, the DJ was the focal point of the festivities.  Som

SL Black Music Month: 25 Years Of Reasonable Doubt

Released 25 years ago, Reasonable Doubt was Jay Z's true blueprint: a smooth, rugged and hilariously solemn piece of work that stands among the greatest albums and musical accomplishments ever. 

Black Music Month Masters: 24 Years of ‘Reasonable Doubt’

1996 was a year of dynasties, where the best of the best fulfilled the most burdensome of demands. On the college hoops scene, Rick Pitino's...

Please Jam: Check This White R&B Singer Named After a Whiskey


(Ed Note: We're definitely back in the groove now. As usual, James scours the internet for his favorite jams of the week and attempts to get them passed the refined ears of EIC Vince Thomas with semi-regular success. Now, Please Jam...

‘Only Built 4 Cuban Linx’ Celebrates 26 years

1995 was the year of game-changers in Hip Hop and Raekwon The Chef's "Only Built For Cuban Linx" is still considered a lyrical masterpiece and classic 26 years later.

In 2018, Hip-Hop Lyrical Integrity Still Ruled Without Airplay

2018's great Hip-Hop albums are not only defined by dope beats and rhymes, but by their ability to engage the listener through relatable tales. 2018...