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White Referee Alan Maloney Tells Black HS Wrestler: Cut Locs Or Forfeit

Cultural disrespect under the guise of sports officiating is exposed. New Jersey high school wrestling referee Alan Maloney committed the ultimate cultural violation. The referee forced...

Dreadlocks Cutting N.J. Wrestling Ref Gets Two Season Suspension

In December of 2018, we all watched the infuriating video of New Jersey high school wrestler, Andrew Johnson, being forced to have his dreadlocks...

Black Teen Swimmer Disqualified From Race For Having A Black Girl Body

It was a piece of news that seemed to come and go too quickly, but it's a story worthy of a deeper discussion. It's the...

PRITTY Left Hook: Bellator Bantamweight Champion Darrion Caldwell

The champ is here and we talk with the west coast Wolf who returns as an east coast Lion. Welcome back to the PRITTY Left...

To This Day: Deontay Wilder Sounds Off On Racism, Social Justice, And More

Wilder made headlines with his now infamous catchphrase, "To This Day!" and he means it. Deontay Wilder took over the Barclays Center on March 19th...

Dreadlock-Hating NJ Ref Is Suing For Emotional Distress, Character Defamation

Alan Maloney told Andrew Johnson to cut his dreads or forfeit, and now he's suing. Back in December, New Jersey high school wrestling referee, Alan Maloney,...

NJ School District Refuses Competitions Officiated By Dreads Cutting Ref

A necessary move, but more questions still remain unanswered. By now we've all seen the outrageous video of NJ high school wrestler, Andrew Johnson, being...

A Black Wrestler, A Racist Ref And The Historic Hate Of Black Hair

Black hair is at the center of yet another controversy because white people apparently cannot deal with non-mainstream cultural expression. In an unprecedented overstep, New...