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The Morning After Another Mass Shooting, Trump Finds Time To Insult Al Sharpton

Usually, after a mass shooting happens—such as the one that took place last night at the Gilroy Garlic festival—the President of the United States...

Keenan Thompson Spoofs David Ortiz and Al Sharpton on SNL


“Samsung phones. You like Sam? You should meet his son." This line sounded funnier than it reads coming out the mouth of Keenan Thompson who was on fire this weekend spoofing Rev. Al Sharpton and David Orti

Sharpton Plans Sterling Protest Rally


You know times have changed when TMZ becomes the ultimate breaker of news. After exposing Don Sterling’s disgustingly racist comments and all of the sordid details of his past, now they’re gotten word from

The Shadow League’s Most Influential People of 2020: Yolanda Renee King

It has taken some time for the world to digest the March on Washington that happened on Friday, August 28. It came in the...

HoopBus Helps Fight Racial Injustice on Coast to Coast Trip

If you’ve never heard of the HoopBus, you might think it’s just a funny-looking, run-down school bus. In reality, it’s much, much more than...

George Floyd’s Funeral Was An Energy Boost For Black America’s Exhausting Fight For Equality

George Floyd’s funeral in Houston, Texas today was not only the central point of Black pain, love, angst, and unity in the world but...

Trump’s Racist Attacks On Cummings And Sharpton Are Par For The Course

Throughout the years, there have been more than a few racists who’ve served as President. But we’ve never had one so brazen. Over the last...

Watch Aretha Franklin’s Funeral Live Stream In Detroit


Fans, family, and friends will be able to pay their respects to the Queen of Soul Aretha Fran

The NBA’s Euro Stepping Over The NFL’s Penalizing Protest Policy


We've seen and read all about the drama the NFL has faced over the last two years when it comes to issues of social injustice, race and the true meaning behind kneeling. Then proceeded to dig the hole for themselves even bigger on Wednesday when

SNL Spoofs LaVar Ball And Nails It Again


SNL has been on fire with their depictions of popular figures, the biggest being Trump. 

Kenan Thompson has done some of the best impersonations on the show, from Steve Harvey and Al Sharpton to David "Big Papi" Ortiz and his latest, LaV