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African-American NFL Quarterbacks Shine On Black Sunday


Black quarterbacks are no longer a novelty, but only two have ever won Super Bowls. Many have conquered racial barriers and become the first signal callers of color in their respective team's history, but the NFL has never had as many brothers lead

“Destiny … I Kind Of Hold This Torch Up Of Being The Next Dual-Threat...

Randall Cunningham, Donovan McNabb, Michael Vick, and Jalen Hurts. The Philadelphia Eagles have a long history of starting Black quarterbacks. Add in Rodney Peete...

Black QB Chronicles | Black Quarterbacks Open NFL Season With Undefeated Sunday

Nine Black quarterbacks out of 32 teams wereslated to start in NFL Week 1 games. Dak Prescott started on Thursday night and had a stellar...

The Value Of Elite Black Quarterbacks Is Being Tested This Offseason

The QB position is easily the hardest position to project for scouts as it pertains to the NFL Draft. Sometimes scouts miss big, sometimes...

Black QB Chronicles: Top 5 Melanated NFL Quarterbacks Right Now

We’ve long clamored for the opportunity to show folks that the Black QB is more than a dual-threat, run-first option at the helm. From the...

Black Quarterback Chronicles: Ranking Top 5 Black NFL Quarterbacks

The NFL has finally caught up to the multi-faceted greatness of the Black quarterback. After years of groundwork being laid by Marlin Briscoe, James...

The Redeeming Features of Black NFL Quarterbacks In Week 12


African-American quarterbacks are more prevalent and visible than ever, but the numbers still say that we have a ways to go before they get the same respect and opportunities afforded their white counterparts. Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor said as

American Stupidity Abounds In Super Bowl Conspiracy Theory


As the Seattle Seahawks drove the length of the field in 26 seconds at the culmination of the first half of their hotly contested Super Bowl XLIX game against the New England Patriots, it seemed as if everything had fallen into pl

First and Twenty: The First Showdown of Starting Black QB’s


The NFL opened the 2013 season with nine African American quarterbacks of the 32 starters, the most in NFL history.  And although the number has since dropped a couple of spots due to injuries and various other reasons, the topic of the b