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WNBA’s Natasha Cloud Talks Race With “The Hate U Give” Author Angie Thomas

WNBA GOAT Chat is a conversation series where a W player is teamed up with a GOAT in another industry that they are interested...

Ava DuVernay, “The Hate U Give” Cast Talk Code-Switching In Black Life

The ensemble cast and respected director discuss the ins and outs of a film some are already calling Oscar-worthy. At this point, director Ava DuVernay...

The Hate U Give Cast Talks Black Storytelling, Code-Switching


Angie Thomas debut novel The Hate U Give was released when America needed it most. The book, which touches on racism and police brutality as seen through the lens of a present-day

It’s Time To Forgive Walter Payton Award Winner Myles Garrett For Mason Rudolph Helmet...

After Adam Schefter announced that Cleveland Browns superstar Myles Garrett had been named the team’s 2020 Walter Payton Man of the Year, Twitter went...

Dark City: Urban World Film Festival Gives a Peek into Baltimore’s Club Scene

Outside of Chicago and New York, Baltimore is probably one of the most authentically Black Club music capitals of the world. A place where...

James Dolan’s Failed Leadership Has Made New York Knicks Most Hated  

The Knicks have been dealing with bad publicity in large part due to James Dolan's leadership for years and Knicks fans continue to complain...

Colin Kaepernick’s Team Issues Statement Destroying The Lies And Hate

Despite all of the injuries to, and horrible play by, NFL quarterbacks, Colin Kaepernick's phone has remained void of calls from teams in need...

Lamar Jackson Will Silence The Haters In Year 2

Lamar Jackson endured doubt, ridicule and draft disrespect as the last of five quarterbacks chosen in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft....

Report: LeBron James Will Give Up No. 23 To Anthony Davis

King James is all about winning and is doing whatever it takes to do so. When LeBron James announced he was headed to LA, Lakers...

Kawhi’s Uncle Gives No Clues To Impending NBA Free Agency Plans

While the fans might get frustrated by the lack of answers, the NBA is loving the attention. This summer’s NBA free agency is going to...

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