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The Boondocks Are Heading To HBO Max

The Fader reports that The Boondocks will return for two seasons—24 episodes total—plus a 50-minute special, which will all be airing on HBO Max...

Five Storylines The Boondocks Reboot Should Consider

Trump, Riley's homophobia and the Obamas are all fair game. It's official now. The Boondocks will be back, and creator Aaron McGruder is going to be...

The Boondocks Without Aaron McGruder? Pass

If Aaron McGruder is not involved in this project, then the remix is going to be a dumpster fire. The Boondocks was one of the...

The Boondocks: After Three Episodes It Still Ain’t Funny


The animated satirical comedy The Boondocks returned for its fourth and final season on April 21 and many in the media wondered aloud whether the departure of creator and show runner Aaron McGrud

The Boondocks’ Debut Was Booty


Monday night, the first episode of the controversial animated series The Boondocks aired its first episode in nearly four years.  It was also the first time in the show’s existence that creator Aar

Conscious Cooning Is Back with Return of The Boondocks


The Boondocks has been the guilty pleasure of African American cartoon aficionados since its debut on Cartoon Network back in 2005.  Returning to Adult Swim Monday, its controversial, no chaser storyline

The Boondocks  is Back!


Finally, The Boondocks is back. Created my Aaron McGruder, the long, four-year hiatus of one of TVs most controversial and funny animated shows returns to the Cartoon Network April 21 at 10:30pm. Season 4 cat

Black Jesus Has Forsaken Viewers


After Aaron McGruder announced his departure from being involved with "The Boondocks," the Adult Swim satirical show he created, fans of his uniquely Black brand of comedy were up in arms.  However, tha

B Hop Tells Fight Community To Stop Making Excuses For Trump’s Behavior

"People are who they are."  The longest government furlough in the country's history is almost a month in. Donald Trump has stuck to his stance...

Vince Staples Uses Unconventional Means To Expand His Brand


Vince Staples is hosting a new original Snapchat show called, appropriately enough, F*#! That! With Vince Staples. The Long Beach rapper will