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Surviving R. Kelly And The Cult Of Pedophilia In Anyhood, USA

Lifetime's Surviving R Kelly is a disturbing documentary, but some of y'all are not being truthful about how rampant this behavior is in the...

Surviving R. Kelly NYC Screening Evacuated Due To Anonymous Threats

The screening was halted after threats were reported. Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly New York screening evacuated after "several anonymous threats were called in," CNN reports An unknown caller...

R. Kelly Finds Gayle King Has No Sympathy For The Devil in CBS Interview,...

R. Kelly has been accused of sleeping with underage girls who cannot legally consent for decades. The R. Kelly comeuppance continues as we awakened to...

Sony And R. Kelly Part Ways Following The Lifetime Documentary

Lifetime's documentary is getting him the heck out of here. Sony and R. Kelly have agreed to part ways on the heels of Lifetime's Surviving...

R. Kelly’s Estranged Daughter Buku Abi Breaks Her Silence

The same monster you all confronting me about is my father - Buku Abi. R.Kelly’s estranged daughter with ex-wife Andrea Lee Kelly, Buku Abi, took to her...

Report: R. Kelly Under Criminal Investigation Following Lifetime Doc

The 6-part docu-series has open the gates for a new investigation. According to reports, R. Kelly is being criminally investigated in Georgia. This comes after...

Jim Kelly Says Buffalo Needs To Play Up To Expectations


Rex Ryan was talking that talk when he arrived in Buffalo and snatched the mic from Doug Marrone. It was a popular spiel that he perfected during his roller coaster ride in New York with the Jets. The Buffalo media and fans ate it up like grandmas

Confronting The Hard Truths Of Michael Jackson’s Legacy

A decade after his death, the Shadow League takes a look at ‘The King of Pop’ after the ‘Leaving Neverland’ documentary. No offense to Beyonce´,...

Hard Knock Life: NFL Wide Receivers Have Been Catching Fades


Diva receivers haven't been creating noise in the offseason. Instead, kryptonite cornerbacks who are being valued more than ever, have been bumping their gums about the Benjamins they're rolling in. That money certainly isn't

Midwest Region Preview: There Will Be Blood


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Louisville may have been awarded the No. 1 overall seed over top-ranked Gonzaga after surviving the big East gauntlet, but the Selection Com