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Stick Talk: Why Esports Needs All-Women Competitions To Grow

If esports wants to grow, it must create opportunities to bring in more voices and competitors. Esports needs more voices, more perspectives, and more competitors...

Stick Talk: Snoop Dogg’s Madden 20 Song Highlights His Massive Gaming Passion

Snoop Dogg is letting everyone know that he is Team Madden all day! We saw it previously with his Mary Jane-partnered gaming tournament series called...

Stick Talk: Sony Music’s New Gaming Label Tackles Black Women Misconceptions In Both Industries

Sony Music Entertainment recently launched a gaming-crossover imprint called LostRings, that serves and caters to specific demographic: Black Women Gamers. The label's roster consists of...

Stick Talk: WNBA Players Were The Biggest Highlight In NBA 2k20 Reveal Trailer

NBA 2k20 not only marks a big year for the video game series, but it may also be a new beginning for WNBA players...

Stick Talk: Amanda Stevens Is The Black Queer Voice The Esports Community Needs

"I started calling myself the esports because there aren't a lot of black queer trans people that are out and proud." Esports may be...

Stick Talk: Snoop Dogg Wants John Singleton’s Fear & Respect To Be Revisited

Fear & Respect was the late John Singleton produced video game that never was. Fear & Respect was the John Singleton produced video game that...

Stick Talk: How Chastity Mays Created A Safe Space Online For Women NBA 2k...

I personally feel like women in NBA2K aren’t respected as much as men and it’s partially our fault. The NBA2k community has hit tremendous strides...

Stick Talk: Fortnite, Jumpman Collab Remixes The Brand For Gen Z

The Jordan brand has turned to gaming to revamp its identity for a new audience. Fortnite continues to dabble into various A-Tier collaborations, themed events...

Stick Talk: Aziza Brown Talks Diversity, Inclusion In Fighting Game Community

Grandma can understand who is winning and losing in a fighting game versus Fortnite. The global esports industry is expected to hit $1 billion this...

Stick Talk: Stanton’s Powerglide Thrived On MLB’s Opening Day


Giancarlo Stanton came to the Yankees to mash out in pinstripes. 

Stanton came to the