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San Francisco 49ers Announce 9 Recipients Of $1M Social Justice Grant

As the NFL season gets underway and social justice issues remain at the forefront of controversial subject matter, there are some NFL teams who...

San Francisco 49ers Release Ray McDonald


Months after becoming the first NFL player accused f domestic violence in the post-Ray Rice world, the San Francisco 49ers have finally released defensive tackle Ray McDonald. During McDonald's ordeal, which eventually unveiled a conflict of in

The Gentle Giant Takes His Heart To The San Francisco 49ers


Tuesday sparked the free agency rush and the trading season and the Miami Dolphins'


49ers Cheerleader Takes A Knee, Risking Her Job In Protest

49ers Cheerleader Takes A Knee, Risking Her Job In Protest. The Bay Area used to be a historic hotbed of progressive thought and relative tolerance...

San Francisco Is The Place To Be for Jimmy G


Sometimes as journalists we get so caught up in telling a compelling story that the lead gets buried. So, well get right to the shrimp and grits of the matter: San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been balling in his new home at Levi

49ers And Law Enforcement Unions Unite To Improve Community Relations


Many have come out against the idea that sports and politics need to be separate, but they have always had an intimate relationship despite those that decry against it or outright deny it. Guess the latter missed Trump attacking sports a few weeks

The 49ers’ Katie Sowers Becomes The NFL’s First Openly LGBT Coach


As we prepare for tomorrow's protest in front of the NFL offices on Park Avenue in support of Colin Kaepernick's obvious blackballing, today we learned that another barrier in the NFL had fallen.

Earlier in the preseason, the 49ers announced

Kyle Shanahan Takes The 49ers Head Coaching Job


In a move that was expected since the Atlanta Falcons bye week during the wild card round, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan accepted the reigns of the San Francisco 49ers as the head coach.

The announcement was made Monday follo

Colin Kaepernick Is Slinging, But San Francisco Isn’t Winning


Colin Kaepernick's days in San Francisco were numbered way before he decided to embark on his protest against police brutality and oppression in America during the preseason. It seems like a gillion years ago, but remember when he was almost a Den